m’n papegaai biko aan het dansen op bob marley

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    • grueneorange

      I just saw the feature is back. 🙂

    • miirjam

      aah lotte! die papegaai van jou heeft humor 😀

    • nonanicky

      how sad those little wings!

    • irshoee

      Aaaahhww, wat lieff!, maar oppassen want hij is veel te veel gekortwiektt,
      dat is niet goedd. er moeten aan het eind een paar penveren overblijven,..

    • grueneorange

      You can find the playlist “Birds being super cute” containing this and
      other cute bird videos by clicking my name and then playlists. And the
      message of this video is perhaps the right message to the person who
      follows me on YT today (by watching my playlist) and keeps marking my
      comments as spam. I like this video and some of those 1.304 views was me
      watching it again. I love it! CCN15 thank you for sharing!

    • sarahdw123

      phahaha ,, das keii goe =)

    • Shartakhta

      dis nat cool

    • grueneorange

      As you can´t find Playlists related to this video any more I took YT help
      center´s advice to enter the search terms, in my case “birds”, in the
      Search box. On the search results page, I clicked the “Playlists” link at
      the bottom of the page and found tons of Playlists named birds and
      containing just one video but not the playlist made by me.

    • Maryque

      Wat heeft ie korte vleugeltjes?

    • Krone975


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