Family bath time…

    10 replies to "Darwin Monkey, Cleopatra African Grey Parrot and Yasmin Nakhuda share a bath and a toothbrush"

    • Yasmin Nakhuda

      family bath time – Darwin Monkey, Cleopatra African Grey Parrot and Yasmin
      Having Fun…

    • J MarshallC

      Sad to see this monkey living out his habitat. Poor guy will be in a cage
      his whole life

    • Katarina P.

      I really pray for a miracle of some sort that you will get your monkey
      back. You should get all animal activist in involved if possible. This
      situation is inhumane.

    • Katarina P.

      You loved that monkey, what they did to him is pure animal abuse. They are
      criminals. He had a privileged life with you, better then most people.

    • Alan Vázquez


    • Michelle Nengel

      Darwin should be with his family, the only family he knows! I feel awful
      for yasmin

    • leafyutube

      How many bananas do monkeys eat in one day?

    • viaggiosenzaritorno

      bello, bellissimo , Baci

    • Abz yeh

      Is darwin back??

    • danny Abery

      Is Darwin back with you? or is this an old video??

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