🧠 Do you know the story of the smartest parrot in the world? Alex was an African gray parrot that could differentiate colors, shapes, and handle a vocabulary of up to 150 words. The intelligence of this parrot amazed scientists for more than 30 years. Discover his story in this new AnimalWised video!


(CLEVER HANS) πŸ΄βž• The HORSE That Learned MATHEMATICS πŸ‘‰ https://youtu.be/hAJlAuEo7Ac

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    24 replies to "De SLIMSTE PAPEGAAI ter wereld πŸ¦œπŸ’¬ (Alex de Afrikaanse Grijze)"

    • @anunc8797

      I really wonder if we taught a bunch of parrots like this and released them into the wild to teach other parrots, would we have the beginnings of a civilization on our hands?

    • @richardsinclair7661

      Didn't have to scroll long for people to make broad assumptions about something they know absolutely nothing about based on less than 5 minutes of footage. Unfortunate.

    • @jhulianasanchez1334

      Rest in peace Alex. You deserve many awards, tickles, and treats. It broke my heart, the last words he said. πŸ₯Ί

    • @leoniebodaan8018

      Fantastic πŸ’š

    • @L1MBO12

      I'm not crying, you're crying!

    • @BOOTBOSS1

      I was amazed when my African Gray Parrot told me to go away when he didn't want to be picked up from where he was playing. One time he was playing with a toy that accidently swung an hit him in the head and he told it to go away. These guys know what they are saying,

    • @biankalatoma4775

      That dark metal corner with his cage where they showed while taking about his last night was sad..

    • @Enxievinty

      You be good i love u see u tomorrow I am sooo sad rn 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    • @craigmanning467

      Don't know what they are saying? Pure BS. I had a blue crowned conure(see paulie the movie). Understood 'night night" when he wanted to go to bed. Did not say but understood "thats hot" only took him one time to get that one. Also TLDNR, I was tiling my kitchen floor. Verde was on top of his cage quietly watching. I left a cabinet door open and stood up. Banged my head so hard I almost passed out. Verde just started laughing his tail off. He could be kind of a jerk. Blue Crowned Conure by the way. z

    • @Bill22886

      "What color am I"

    • @digitalsalsas

      I had an international studies professor at Indiana university who talked a lot about her African grey parrot. I can’t remember her name ! Know she mentioned Alex the parrot but can’t remember if this is her or not

    • @lynnm8081

      Absolutely illuminating and so gorgeous.

    • @michealchambrello2591

      I choose to believe he's still alive.
      that lady fell in love with him like a kid after 30 years . She faked his death to take him home when she retired.

    • @andfact

      Sir i used your video a small clip for making a fact video so please you don't give me any copyright.

    • @jayeshkothari7049

      I also have African parrot of 4 months

    • @brendabrown1691

      Arteriosclerosis!!! Seriously? You mean the world's smartest parrot was killed by the world's dumbest human who overfed it treats? Now that should be listed as an Amazing Fact!

    • @juanjoyaborja.3054

      Clever Hans’ so called β€œintelligence” was disproven in 1907 by psychologist Oskar Pfungst, who had shown that the horse was only watching the reactions of his trainer.

    • @brianmadsen7305

      He was not smarter then other greys.. he leant ALL of it, by being starvt.

    • @nicholaspascal3029

      Parrots=dogs with feathers

    • @darklyclad

      She must have cried endlessly πŸ’”

    • @ChrisEkstedt

      This parrot needed to be taken care of and she didn't do it. "I want to go back" should have been recognized as a sign he was under stress and I'm sure this situation put him under stress repeatedly. His appearance confirms that as he's lost feathers and then died early. These damnable researchers only care about the damn data. Shame on these researchers. We can conclude on our own that these animals are hugely intelligent without some researcher stressing them.

    • @PeakoftheApex

      So when a bird has the mental capacity of a 5 year old its smart and when i do i need to "learn basic math" and "go back to school"

    • @Atreides22222

      Alex is NOT dead, the Deep State is keeping him in captivity for reasons relating to their obsession with the occult.

      Free Alex! WWG1WGA

    • @JanusHoW

      Dr. Pepperberg's research merely confirms what just about every person owned by an African Grey realizes.

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