This is a compilation video of my CAG from 19 minutes cut to 4 minutes. Echo spends his days in my scuba diving shop on his perch and then we take him home at night to his ginormous cage.

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    • Ryan Schupp

      whoever the idiots are that disliked this video are clearly not as intelligent as this Congo. awesome video

    • xxJonnyCxx

      bet your customers love him 😛 i know id start coming to your shop for this bird 😛

    • xxJonnyCxx

      ha the phone call bits amazing 😛

    • Bobbi Maw

      This my absolute favorite parrot video on you-tube!!!!

    • Bobbi Maw

      The sound effects Echo knows are just too funny – I laugh every time I watch it…:))

    • 54spiritedwill54

      that's soo cute…I couldn't stop laughing.

    • Cynthia Foreman-Dumont

      He is fantastic ! .. I have a timneh with videos on here as well I subscribed to you .. will show my KaNicki these videos he will love them too he plays close attention LOL

    • nonanicky

      haha my parrot is whistling back at him!

    • Debra Yates Welch

      That is really amazing! 7 months old is great to start doing stuff like that.

    • Janfromboone

      I also have a 7 mo. old african grey. The day after I let him listen to your video I heard him making a telephone ringing sound. Not my telephone sound, it sounded like the one on the video.

    • Debra Yates Welch

      I sold my scuba shop in August of 2007 and now I am home with my CAG full time. He is adjusting to being at home all the time now and has taken to imitating the dogs, the car alarm, drills, the microwave and other household sounds. He loves watching TV. His favorite shows are American Gladiators, American Idol, Amazing Race, mostly anything that has a lot of music, and people cheering. He really enjoyed all the Peanuts holiday shows and imitates all the kids little voices.

    • Janfromboone

      this is a good reason to leave your bird home instead of taking him to work. Actually I think the bird is amazing. Is he making the sound of you filling the coffeymaker? That was the most amazing sound of all. I'm a diver too, but I'll bet more people come by to see the bird than to buy new equipment.

    • DeadlyChinchilla

      Such fun noises, my ACG is VERY interested in the phone sounds. 🙂

    • sheri

      I sell bird toys on ebay, I'd love to see your bird's whole cage! It looks like an amusement park!

    • jusie44

      chico my grey copied your echo , i had to do a double take as i didnt realise it was him . keap up the good work

    • deeroks1

      this guy does water, police sirens, phones etc. amazing!!

    • lynzee504

      LOL that's soo cute…I couldn't stop laughing.

    • creamofcardstv

      Great vid and I've rated it as 5 stars. Please check out mine on some 1930's Aviary and Cage Bird tobacco cards.

    • Debra Yates Welch

      Just take your time with him and he will come around!

    • tenncalilove

      omg he sounds jus like my cell phone haha aww he is adorable

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