Einstein the bird showin off showmanship skills
edit: RIP alex, you really showed us how intelliant other animals can be.

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    • 林義雄


    • Tommy Wiseau

      Wow she’s cute…

      ….and the bird too.

    • Charlotte Peng

      Who is watching this in 2015

    • AliTheAllStar

      But what does the fox say?

    • sarah paxton

      This bird is smarter than half of the litigants on “Judge Judy.”


      Einstein the bird

    • Reversal

      Yo Einstein, What does the fox say?

    • Brandon Parks

      I wanna dick this lady down.

    • Johnny P.
    • kubaz enigma

      Why would such a cute bird be a fan of a sleazebag like Al Gore???

    • เกียรติ ผลากรชีวิน

      สัมภาษณ์ นกแก้ว Einstein The Parrot


    • Tao ofTheOpportune

      I wish somebody would feed me peanuts on stage while the audience applauded
      my every word!

    • uǝʞɔᴉɥɔ ǝlʇʇᴉl ʎzɐɹɔ

      happy BIRDthday

    • Nisa sobo
    • frostsealber08

      what a smart guy unbelievable

    • TheMrDynamite™

      RIP Einstein

    • Giddy

      Makes me wonder if Einstein would actually do all this without any seeds to
      give to him afterwards. I know its something that it would be like a reward
      for him but I can just imagine him saying: ‘if I speak human words, I get
      more food. These humans are so easy to get food from, must tell all my
      friends about this. Their human speech is annoying though, they like a lot
      of noises too…’ 

    • Simon Fattahy

      Like a media player XD

    • Trent Stewart

      bit of a cheeky pecker

    • Naveed Anjumbutt
    • Por Lim


    • Marijke Angelique Klein

      Wouw! <3

    • Kay Ly

      That is cool. Very smart bird. She’s one you would call a bird brain. LOL
      It’s proof that a bird’s brain is very intelligent. =)

    • albeit O the best

      That is one big pe……nut..

    • Madeleine Osborne

      Det her skal du se andreas!

    • HIjaz Aziz

      very nice

    • TheMinnieme2011

      RIP Alex?? Was Alex Einstein’s owner?? What happened to her?

    • BillClintonWasDum

      This bird makes koko the gorilla look stupid. 

    • Brigid Fian

      how do they cue him to talk like that? doesn’t seem quite natural for a
      bird. wht would he say naturally? the interaction is great but is it taking
      away from wht he’d be naturally? wonder wonder wonder 

    • gctree


    • marc clarkson
    • ShadowShieldz

      0:51 poop

    • Sweetart the animatronic wolf

      Who’s watching this in 2015? Hello? Oh well…

    • Lava Lollie


    • Kaia Jamipa

      That bird Einstein has changed the way I look at birds! Thank you

    • Rocio Gaitan


    • 제니이

      +JHawx how did she die? what happened? she is so nice and cute and made the
      world a bit better in my eyes

    • theresa mensah

      Wow l love this

    • सबिन कार्की
    • Sergio Diaz

      Wait, this girl died??

    • Sajith Krishna


    • Phalguni Joshi

      famous einstein

    • Kilo Wolf

      albert einstein is an american joke, nicola tesla is the true genius.

    • Ruth S

      Some horrible. ignorant remarks on here. It’s a wonderful bird, and took a
      lot of training. Well done.And what a way to get funds to save the animals.

    • Jean Lallemand

      lol she uses Pavlov theory to make the bird talk.#genuise

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