Einstein, our pet African Grey Parrot is taking a shower and has a few comments about it! (This is not the famous “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show Animal Planet Pet Stars. The only things they have in common is the name, good looks, and the desire to entertain humans!)

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    49 replies to "Einstein the Parrot Takes a Shower!"

    • Richard Worsley

      How you know “Einstein” is a girl. You keep saying “good girl.”

    • Prince David

      Soulbeforemind > no this is a different parrot. From description in every
      video ‘(This is not the famous “Einstein” that was featured on the TV show
      Animal Planet Pet Stars. The only things they have in common is the name,
      good looks, and the desire to entertain humans!)” 

    • Maddy Stanger

      That’s so cool. My Grandmother has a bird that talks Russian. We can never
      understand a word it says!

    • Yasmin galvez
    • evimlck

      So like a beloved child.

    • B Silver

      What is that he’s using to mist her with? It looks like she doesn’t really
      get very wet at all–Is it just the way the video looks? Does she like to
      get soaked? My Budgie (RIP) loved showering with me, she’d close her eyes
      and lean her head up towards the shower head. I knew she’d had enough once
      she opened her eyes for more than a second and once she began to shift
      around from one foor to the other. So it became easy for me to gauge how
      much shower she was comfortable with. But she did like to get pretty soaked
      actually–Just not all at once and only by standing near the shower head
      (never directly under it!). She liked the temperature to be pretty much the
      same as I myself prefered. And I always slowly acclimated her to the
      temperature outside of the bathroom so it wouldn’t be a shock (always
      important, as you know, but especially important with her as she had PBFD
      and was naked [featherless]. 

    • Anime17videos

      “You’re all wet!!” hehe so silly

    • Lilia Trevisan

      si è fantastico

    • WALL - E

      Hey Einstein Parrot I’m about to get an african grey but what kind of water
      do you use to shower it warm, hot or cold?

    • Cheryl Frey

      Is this Einstein?

    • ThespianCrAzY13

      Love watching these videos. Such a smart and beautiful bird!! 

    • Judithann Barton

      You should have taught her to say “I’m all wet”!

    • Pixelgaming and Stuff

      Wait birds need showers?

    • Bradon H

      My mom’s gray hates showers :P

    • Wolfram Hüttermann

      Africa ist considered as the continent of catastrophes, wars and
      corruption. But the grey parrot is originally from this continent and he is
      very intelligent.

    • eready4utube

      too funny how he says, “all done” when just started

    • Joshua Woodworth

      “You’re all wet”

      -Einstein the parrot

    • Lou The Dragon

      I’d laugh so hard if this vid was called Einstein takes a shower

    • Scranton Travelers

      I try to put mine in the shower but he doesn’t like it lol but then will
      plop his big butt in his water dish .. -_- /sigh

    • shelby marie

      She is such a lovely gal with great owners. I love to hear these birds
      talked to softly and properly. 

    • Saxie81

      He’s all excited before you turn the water on lol. 

    • Dylan Greer

      Birds are one of the most advanced ( in evolution) animals in the birds are
      adapted to survive in all climates meat eating birds have hooked beaks to
      tear and rip finchrs have a beak to eat seeds nuts etc

    • EAmusic

      I despise that bird. it needs to punted across the yard.

    • Zenebatos

      HAHAH hes so cute when he showers and says “ur all wet!” hahahahahhaha

    • Mariah Jackson

      Aww he’s so smart! My parakeet hates me, I swear!!! I always try to play
      with him and I put on music from this album called happy budgies just to
      make him happy. And it does but he doesn’t let me take him out the cage!!!
      I have to grab him to take him out and stretch his wings. And then he won’t
      let me hold him. He goes and hides in the closet 🙁 any suggestions??? I
      would love your help!

    • bucca2

      I lost it when she said “All done” and you were like: “No we just started”

    • Patrick Higson

      Nice video, thanks for posting it, Oh and Rudy your an idiot shush stop
      trying to sound intelligent hahaha, thanks again for the video much

    • vicky parsley

      Oh my gosh! He’s so adorable! I wish my birds could talk like him :D

    • katesecret

      You are such a good pet owner! I love watching your videos! Einstein loves

    • daniel conner

      “all done” hahahaha xD

    • Lexi Boo

      What’s that stick thingy?

    • Steven Elliott

      Your parrot is the smartest

      Ever seen, I hope one day that mine will be soon, I have a gray and her
      name is Lulu, she is about 5 years old. I love your video

    • Ricovali

      Lovely sweet bird.

    • hersheebaby18

      how many times do the need a shower. and when she took her first shower how
      did she react and how can you get them used to it thanks 🙂 you hve an
      adorable bird <3

    • gaurdianAQ

      How did you get her adjusted to showering? I recently got a grey about a
      week ago and tryed using a spray bottle to simulate rain and so far, he/she
      (we don’t know the gender yet) wasn’t a big fan of it

    • Rockerismx

      Do you have any recommendations for a first time African Grey owner? I’m
      considering getting one of these birds. I’ve watched a lot of your videos
      and you seem to be very in tune with your bird. Are they hard to take care
      of? How hard is it to train them? Are they messy? I’ve read a few books but
      I want to know from a first hand African Grey owner.

    • Liling Oh

      What kind of nozzle is that ? Where can I get it?

    • hannahmaii2

      HAHAHA “I’m done.”

    • alicia willis

      i think it is amazing how parrots can talk like humans! and i loved it when
      the parrot was saying all done!

    • mlopezonly

      All done… 🙂

    • Emmerara

      I’m not disputing that you love that bird, and take GREAT care of it 🙂 I
      just hate when birds have their wings clipped… It breaks my heart…

    • Einstein Parrot

      @AFnord We believe she knows the meaning, because she says it sometimes
      when she is done eating too.

    • BriHeart10

      your all wet to cute hahahahah lol

    • wonkabo


    • dmcquill

      All Done!! LOL…loved it. 🙂

    • rudy7921

      @4zebird I agree with everything you say here – except one thing – African
      Grey parrots are not pets, but companions, or more appropriately, we are
      companions to them! You know exactly what I mean but the questioner who is
      a beginner with Greys should know that one cannot have a relationship with
      a Grey like any other “pet” – ex: can’t just leave him alone at home out of
      his cage, just ignore him when you’re tired if he want your attention, etc.!

    • AnneLien1987

      She’s adorable.

    • MAMAJAN1953


    • TheRAWRingDuck

      My sister said parrots are known to be agressive, is that true? Because
      they are adorable… Like, does she bite you often?

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