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    • yvonneost12

      Put heaps of fresh branches in for them to ” pick at ” they also love
      ripping cardboard . paper toilet roll insides the cardboard bits etc keep
      their beaks and brains busy..also walnuts / peanuts etc in the shell.

    • Kawaii Bunny

      Umg that bird looks just like mine except mine doesn’t have a tail he’s so
      cute and we want him to grow his feathers whenever he does he plucks them
      the next day

    • ey8002

      שלום שי , הצלחת לפתור את הבעיה של המריטה? כל מה שאני מנסה שלי עדיין מורט.
      האם כדאי לשים לו קולר לפי דעתך? זה לא יהפוך ליותר גרוע? אשמח לשמוע ממך עצה
      לפתרון לבעיה הזאת.

    • Jakehoc1997

      Dirty, sick, or bored birds may pluck themselves.

    • adfstyx2

      How about an update?? Have any of the tips helped

    • Rashid Bhatti

      u got less toys i can see. U also need foraging toys

    • Mao Thao

      I really like your cage, where do you buy it from?

    • Harold Pringle

      Put hanging reflective items, stuff to keep them occupied while you are not
      with them

    • MrLinda02

      Do they get enough sunshine? they have to be put out in the sun at least
      twice a week. lots of stimulating toys, best are cut up tree branches
      thread on to chain so they can chew on them. make lots of foraging toys to
      hide food in,( like lots of fresh fruit and the odd treat like nuts & dried
      fruit,) keeps the mind active, move the cage to different places, a change
      is as good as a holiday. You can get vests for birds that doesn’t allow
      them to pluck,

    • gkurdina

      Pluck no more, Aloe Vera solution, protein diet, lots of fruits and
      vegetables may help with plucking.

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