Joseph was talking so cute.
Let me know if you understand what he saying ?
See you all in 15min in the live.

    10 replies to "funny Cockatoo conversation-funny cockatoo talking"

    • Nicole Macintyre

      Hellooo from Alberta Canada ??

    • Vivian Espinosa

      So many sweet kisses for daddy lovely Joseph ???

    • Thomas Ekeberg

      wooow ,, loveley video

    • YaBoiTheKoosh

      Haha ly joseph

    • Starlight Sky


    • Eliza Stoner Eliza

      Show the muscle Baby boy Joseph

    • Shirley Shipman- Johnson

      My goodness what a sweety. He’s so adorable. What some sweet kisses he has.

    • M M

      Love ur cute voice Joseph —

    • Crystal Murphy

      Awwww ❤❤❤

    • Frances Pagan

      As always Joseph brings me a lot of smiles he is so smart and loving his daddy so cute

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