Katelynn is a funny talking cockatoo and is part of the exotic parrot family. She loves to speak words such as: “Dodo Bird,” “What’s Your Problem, Huh?” “Bird,” “Hi” and many more not shown in this clip. While these types of birds appear to be cute and warming, please remember the countless number of ear screeching hours they exert to their owners, their family and friends. Dramatic, Barking.

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    • Always Time For GAMING!

      I know somebody named that!

    • Josef Zack

      who IS this Salmon Crested Cockatoo !!!!! super adorable and well spoken.

    • Saimanazmanoo220 Saimanazmanoo220

      oooh it's a lovely and beautifull bird.

    • Livdaneix

      I swear Katelynn I didn't do anything! XD

    • Aditya Narain Sharma

      I have a same but he argue

    • Anfrax Riddimz

      hahahah the ending

    • Un Mario

      Lovely bird

    • Purple Potato

      Haha watch your problem lol

    • shelby marie

      That was awesome!  Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • Wella Procianos

      Aw so cute… i want to have one umbrella cockatoo

    • skatingandmusic4life


    • skatingandmusic4life


    • BurgundyBelle

      Cute ending…LOL!

    • dasani367

      like the dramatic look at the end, cute birdy!

    • DarkHeartEzio

      They look so funny with the feathers on their head xD

    • Tess Carter

      i have a male umbrella and he does all kinds of stuff that is to cute

    • li xuan

      hahahahaha!! SO FUNNY

    • Kitty

      grrrr…. ruff! <3

    • Tony Giap

      i used to have one. theyre so adorable and lovable. but the powder they gave off made us not able to keep it

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