HarleyDude08’s shared video file. Wilson is just yacking away he is funny in the shower. Just like a kid singing in the shower. Wilson in the shower 3D disable 3D to see in 2D

    15 replies to "Funny Video 3D Macaw Bathing and talking like a turkey."

    • chris reynolds

      Can't he or she fly

    • blairdavis

      the amount of people flipping out on this guy surprises me. he obviously loves his friend. and the bird isnt showing signs of distress at all its enjoying the water. once she says she is done he gets her out. and we don't know the relationship. this could be a bird who has continuously hurt herself by flying and so clipping is actually to help her. and he is clearly trimming feathers not cutting new ones. either way, please stop acting like this is a video showing some form of abuse. it's clearly a well socialized and we'll taken care of animal. be kind to each other.

    • Zayn

      I want to buy a macaw ?

    • fernando Gomez

      why you dont cut ypur balls basard?

    • Natalie James

      I disagree clipping wings. If you don't want your bird to fly then get a four legged friend. How would you feel if someone cut off your feet. Sorry but taking away a birds natural right to fly is wrong, sorry

    • Herbie

      It obviously wants to get out its crying Why are you keeping it flooded in water!

    • Herbie

      poor bird…

    • Misty Dawn

      Awww I want a bird…=(

    • nikita.klaro??

      The poor bird why r u cutting its wings

    • lebell32

      kinda found a solution right under turn off 3d click swap right to left and it goes to the bird then turn off the 3d and it stays on your bird still a big buggy but atleast we can see the baby

    • HarleyDude08

      You have to click on 3D and jump through hoops, Youtube has the 3D messed up right now. LOL

    • newseagull

      As you say I see (in 2D) only the right side of the video. Sound is very good.

    • Virginia Lloyd-Davies

      Audio is wonderful, but couldn't see more than Wilson's tail. Frustrating!

    • Andrue' Garrunt

      Thats buggy, i try 3D by youtube too. But anyway it wont worke.

    • HarleyDude08

      I don't know what happened it looks great in 3D but in 2D you only see the right side of the video WTF!

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