Gabby orange winged Amazon Parrot talking and having fun

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    • Bird Luv Amazon’s Caiques Conures parrots.

      Beautiful parrot – Cody want to kiss the screen shes fell for your Gabby 🙂

    • NIGHT_COR3

      I'm pretty sure my amazon parrot would be jealous of gabby.

    • Redtailcatboi 930

      I would prefer Amazon parrots than the larger macaws.

    • El Diputacio

      What a beauty !

    • HeartUniverse Comicer90

      Wow mealy Amazon are sure pretty and colorful.

    • 37persian

      My amazon pays attention to this video .. what type of amazon is this one ..? It's the most beautiful amazon I have seen so far ☝️👍🏼❤️

    • Iby_ehhh

      My orange winged parrot(Rocky) goes crazy when he hears this!

    • wOah iS tHaT OwEn WiLsOn fRoM DisNey PiXaRs cAr

      My Orange Wing Amazon absolutely loves this video and randomly start reciting it at random times and it’s adorable lmfao!

    • LottaTroublemaker

      OMG, Gabby is sooooo beautiful and cute! 😊 Can you tell me, what is the difference between a blue fronted and this? Is it only some orange on the wings which only this has, or?

    • Lujain Ihab

      *I hold him as strong as I could and tried to run with almo out of the house

    • Lujain Ihab

      While I was watching this video I started crying and the reason is that I did have the cutest Amazon parrot too before one munth his name was almo he stayed with me three months he loved me so much an I loved him more than any thing in this world we stay like that ontill my pearnts told me that my sister had a sensativty off parrots and that sensativty would kill her so I started to cry I hold as strong as I could and wanted to run out of the house at night but the doors were louked so my pearnts were looking for a good ouner and they find one he was an old man he loved animals so much he loved almo so he took hem on tile that time I did not stop thinking of him

    • Grandizer 45

      Wow amazons come in so many variations.

    • Debbie Finch

      OMG! Watching this just makes me so excited – I am picking up my 6month old rather shy baby on Friday and I cannot wait to bring him/her home!! Have so many plans and ideas in my head of what i would like to do/train him/her to do – unfortunately I am well aware he/she will make it's own maind up I am sure!! LOL!! Just hope it doesn't decide to 'kill' my son's over excitable 2 yr old collie!!! Fortunately though I only have her during working hours monday to friday so my beautiful new baby should be fine!!!

    • Aziz Akkuş

      How did it learn those voice.? I have new one. Do you have any trip? (Sorry bad English)

    • ATLHooligan

      Aw this reminds me of my orange winged, he couldn't talk this well but would vocalize a lot, especially when alone. All we ever really got him to say was a rough hello and the whistle up and down like he did towards the end (like a cat call)

    • Shazard Mohammed

      How do you no if your parrot is male or female??

    • Christina Chehade

      beautiful bird!

    • Frano N

      Hello i am about to get a orange winged amazon from one dude he sold it for 200$ because he dosen't have any space. :/ i have few questuons.

      Are they good pets for start and are they good pets.
      And how they react to cold weather.
      Can they become sick very easy.
      And can someone tell me more about respitory condition because i heard many amazons died because of respitory codition.


    • Brian Doone

      Such a pretty babyyyyy😍 mines is a character by itself 😂

    • Luv Me

      Beautiful 😘

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