My African Grey, George sees himself in the iphone video for the first time and RECOGNIZES himself.
When I first put the video in selfie mode on George, I assumed he wouldn’t be interested, but instead he walks up to the camera, tells himself “Hello”, asks for a kiss, and then confirms with himself if it is him.
Birds know exactly what they are saying!


Those of you who followed me a few years ago know I never really followed up with putting out more bird videos…or any videos for that matter. I got busy making films and acting in them. However, if you did follow those early videos of mine, you were there when I got my African Grey George, and you know how much I loved him. George and I spent 8 amazing years together. I loved him with all of my heart and he was the best and most comical friend anyone could ever have.

George learned to talk a lot…I mean a lot!! He was in my eyes human and he processed everything I said and everything he said.

George passed recently and my heart is broken…you guys know I have other birds and I also love them with all my heart but losing George was like losing more than a pet, it was like losing a human.

Luckily, even though I didn’t post many videos in the past few years, I sure did make a lot of them and I am going to celebrate Georges life by putting up his videos and my other birds videos.

I hope through Youtube I can teach people who have an interest in birds and guide new bird owners through the process of a beautiful life with their birds!

So starting today I am going to wrk on getting my videos back up and teaching the world about these lovely creatures hat steal our hearts.

I personally think birds are one of the worlds best secrets!…I feel so lucky to have found these feathered friends so young!

Keep checking back and subscribe to see more bird videos…with the occasional music video of course!!

    2 replies to "George – Best Talking African Grey Parrot- Recognizes himself in an iphone video. Amazing!"

    • Tracy Carr

      George was so SO VERY SPECIAL!!! I miss him and am so glad there will be
      videos to show the world how talented and special he was. 

    • Tracy Carr

      This is adorable!! Such a talent! Can’t wait to see more videos!!

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