18 replies to "Georgie the Hahn’s Macaw Chatting Away"

    • hshd hdhs

      L have that parrot it says pretty Polly bye hello achoo my name l love EU he is so adorable my parrot

    • lulu lala

      please make a hahns macaw care video

    • Chips McGee

      Did he get his boat back?

    • Texaslife43

      oh he is adorable.

    • lands vermaak

      The way he says hello is so cute

    • oddfellowfloyd

      Aww, he loves his scritchies. 🙂

      bombs awaaayyy 😛

    • Fawzeh Zahrani

      ماشاء اللالطير نظيففف

    • oddfellowfloyd

      Georgie always make me smile. 🙂 He loves his scritches and beak-rubs! "Bombs away," is hysterical. 🙂

    • Kawaii Squishies

      I have a Hahns Macaw

    • Blue_Lugia

      These parrots are so cute!

    • Anti Side

      georg looks exactly like mine

    • Backyard Wilderness

      ummm…Are you playing lol?

    • Olivianne Chapin

      How much was he? I'm looking to extend my flock, but I'm still trying to decide on a breed. I'm pretty interested in macaws, but the full sized ones are FAR too big for me lol. Money isn't really an issue, but I'm just curious. Thanks!

    • stingr9137

      He loves, "Step Up!" ???

    • Sebastian Schmidt

      i have 2 of this amazing little birds. it's so amazing how they start arguing with me when they want to have something. XD

    • ALittleDurr

      "Bombs away"? Sounds like someone plays League of Legends!

    • Hannah Bowma

      God I'm so excited to get my own hahns I've been wanting one since i was 7 and now I'm finally getting one!

    • Zoe Sorelle

      As I'm watching this my hahns macaw starts saying hello and step up haha

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