This is Daedelus, almost a year old, who enjoys strutting around like he’s the king of the castle! He’s just started talking pretty frequently, and he says “step up,” “good boy,” and “pretty boy” in the video.

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    • firegal1993

      I wish my yellow sided knew how to speak that clearly, got him from a friend and she didn't with him on his speach. he's a little bit clearer now than he was a year ago, but I have a feeling that he won't get any clearer than his different pitched squawks

    • Direwolf202 AJ

      who knows were I can buy a cheap conure in LA

    • Planci Acanthaster

      How do they feel and behave when the owner is away at work 8h a day?? Is a 2nd bird necessary?

    • E Lombard

      You can tell he loves you..

    • Zentox

      HI i realy like your Videos and your bird

    • Natalie Thomas

      This s so funny lol

    • Pandelis Katsianis

      Hi nice video is this bird supposed to walk with its feet inwards like that?

    • mpadil

      How old is your bird? And when do they start to get their voice ,mine is just 9 months old and whistles after me and dances and hops a lot.

    • abchasi27

      Just melting from the cuteness

    • Sojeong Choi


    • BlankSpace funny. my pineapple green cheek does that strut.
      i calm it the rooster walk..
      too cute!!!!

    • Michelle King

      My green cheek does that so cute. Smart bird

    • Caleb Wrubleski

      your bird is so cute, i have a sun conure but i have been thinking about getting a green cheek

    • Leroy Brown

      my green cheek is getting better , now that I a spending more time with him ,
      t have 3 other bird,s  as well , they are very friendly .and want to fly after me around the house.

    • Leroy Brown

      I Have one , he is not friendly at all , don,t no why , seems to be in a bad mood all the time .I ha 3 other bird,s and they are all nice . I have tried every thing I no , he just want.s to bite , think I will turn  him loose out side ,,

    • Hacker 24_1

      im the first on to the 100 likes

    • Hacker 24_1

      im the 100 person to like!!!

    • Maddy Amering

      Too cute! I'm getting a GCC tonight and they know how to say "thanks", "stop it","Honey" and "Baby"  . I have 10 budgies at the moment. This is too funny!

    • MrJuiceBox99

      They are such clowns lol 😀

    • YouLookism

      awwwww i love love love LOVE gcc!!

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