My 1 year old Cinnamon Green Cheek Conure saying “Honey-girl”. He is pretty much scared of anything in my hand so when I picked up the camera the talking was definitely finished!

    2 replies to "Green Cheek Conure Talking – Honey"

    • ThisIsHuas

      Daaawwww. Mine says "Hey Loqui" but he'd never let me catch him sayin it on camera lol

    • IdentifyWithResearch

      Weird how so many pets do not like the camera, video or otherwise. It's annoying because it makes it so difficult to catch the cute, funny or warm and fuzzy moments. I'm getting better at putting the camcorder somewhere I think she'll (parrot) later do what I otherwise can't capture. In any case, the video's worth watching just for the cute "funny girl" near the end.

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