This is a video montage of my Green Cheek Conure, Cricket. Eating, talking, playing and being creative! Hope you enjoy!

    11 replies to "Green Cheek Conure – talking & playing"

    • peaches2perfect

      @2Cuzinz Thanks! Good luck with your new little feathered friend. :o)

    • Margaret1463

      My conures love cat toy balls too… I have a video of Princey playing with them!!

    • peaches2perfect

      They ARE funny aren't they?!

    • Helen B

      your green cheek is so cute… i have one too his name is buddy…he doesnt play with his ball that often either. these are some awesome little birds!

    • JiggleSmax

      No problem. x]

    • JiggleSmax

      This just makes me want a GCC even more. Cricket is adorable and he looks very quite healthy. =]

    • Mahan

      I love the stubborness of these guys

    • kikopup

      Cricket is beautiful!

    • Archimedes Lair

      He's very cute ! He has a beautiful ''little homme''.

    • militaryqt

      so adorable! Chester eats just like that too! For every grape I give him, he takes one bite, then bombs away! I love that tree! I have been trying to find something like that, but can't find anything!

    • collin8579

      Wish I could get our Sun Conure to play with a ball like that. He is just scared of them!
      Very Cute Vid!

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