Green Cheek Conure Talking & Sounds | Talking Parrot.

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    15 replies to "Green Cheek Conure Talking & Sounds | Talking Parrot"

    • Theidoitwhodronksmilkfromthecarton

      I have 4 birds DONT asj why

    • Daisy Marie

      Fake 😂 video but still funny

    • Ruby's page

      I ordered one of Amazon haven't got it. Hopefully he likes it

    • 3 Furbabies & houseplants -Aurela ,Esmee and Gemma

      Omg so cute 🥰

    • Angela Hill

      I would love to have one of the guys, but the prices are crazy and I already have 2 budgies at home. I'm afraid they wouldn't get along anyways.

    • Nina Baebae

      Can’t hear him with the loud music !

    • Jose Anzures

      How much a bird like this can cost?

    • Sanjay Ghosh

      Wow so pretty🥰😍

    • Samuel Lizarraga

      Hello, I'm from California, I(we) have 3 green check conures, older one is 5 years old ,the two are 3/5 old kiwi, estrella and valentina being the oldest, I want to change their diet, for the most part I feed them fruits and sesame seeds mix with other ingredients, it's there something else I can add to their diet?

    • Anna Maria Yannetta

      Where can I get is bell rattle for my conure green cheek parrot Charlie??

    • Smellmyfingers

      My dads conure loves everyone but me I don’t get it if I go in a 5 cm radius he’s gonna bite me I don’t get it

    • V_l H

      Beautiful conure! I've got one too and she loves watching this video. I had to order the double headed bell rattle cause she tries to grab it everytime she watches. Lol! Id take like to know what it is yours is eating off your finger while she's in the cage. It looks like your gcc take likes it so I'd like to see if mine does too. Please let me know if you get this. Thank you so much and for the video!! ❤️❤️❤️

    • salman faris

      Why you wasting water ??? they will bath on a bowl of water

    • Nadja Berkovich

      Please conserve/save the water! While he was bathing the water could’ve been turned to slighter than a hurricane. Lol

    • Don’t mind The Eyes

      OMG! This makes me wanna get one there so cute!

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