Maxine and I improv. This was on 12/2010 but on 3/3/2011 best friend, daughter and soul sister Max…passed. She is no longer in pain and in the most perfect, limitless love and joy. I thank her for the amazing gifts and experience she has shared with me, and many others, as she will continue to do so in this forever love.

    4 replies to "Guitar writing jam with Maxine my African Grey Parrot"

    • MELISSA84008

      Hi Chris, i saw ur comment on Sonia’s channel and decided to check out some
      of ur vids…wow..u rock on the guitar..and i love Max!! lol…peace 🙂

    • Chris Corley

      Love you and miss you Maxie!

    • OLI1991VER

      nice 😉

    • Chris Corley

      @MELISSA84008 Thx Melissa! Yeah, I caused a bit of a stir over at Sonia’s
      page, didn’t mean to, really like her vids. : ) Thx for stopping by. Chris

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