16 replies to "Ha Ha (Macaw Talking, Parrot Talking)"

    • Brandt McCall

      She is so funny she has her back to the camera then she opens up and chats away when the camera is off. She is a very smart bird not goofy at all. I know you mean it in jest but these birds like people are very sensitive just call her nice names she will appreciate it they are very perceptive, there is reason she is turning her back to the camera.

    • Line-katrine Naley

      same problem with all birds i think hahaha i have to make videos without light or they won`t talk 🙂

    • Johanna Eagle

      haha she see you are diffrent when you start the cam

    • Beatriz C

      he he…. she is a genius..;).

    • James Crowley

      HE HE she is laughing at Dad to funny…

    • kennard115

      Okay so im about to end the video (Haha bird troll face:3

    • Squirrel Monkey

      Hilarious! How long does it take before a parrot learns a word?

    • Dina Ibrahim

      I love your bird how much is a bird like that from. The pet shop. Ad I have done my research

    • rafael jacu

      0:49 Shes frozen.

    • Atouriina

      Haha hilarious!

    • Esmeraldiux A S

      is a nice bird =)

    • Emily

      Your kitchen looks like the one I used to have at my old house.

    • Jennifer Queen Vlogs

      She stood still then she looked at you… xD
      They way she looks at you lol xD

    • chihuahuabulldog

      Rachel is GORGEOUS!!

    • peaches2perfect

      good try … you got something at least! (before she figured out the camera was on) ;o)

    • rekario2

      lol you tried :p she will come around eventually

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