This is my Hahns Macaw, Boncuk, she is 13 months old. She knows alot of words. She loves to cuddle and sleep with me at night.

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    • 123japanuser

      Your RECTAL PROLAPSE cured ?

    • Debbie Barnes

      He picked up the shut up from us saying it to the Amazon. I keep playing this for my Ollie to hear so maybe he will learn off of Boncuk, instaed of Baby our Amazon's bad habits. Anyone want an Amazon?

    • Debbie Barnes

      I wish I could get my Hahn's to say this much! Even some of the things he use to say he no longer says. Only thing I can get out of him now is a few animal noises, Hiya, up, out and once in awhile, what's up, and sometimes shut up, He gives kisses when asked. I been trying and trying to get him/her to ask for a kiss. He use to say his name Ollie, and then Olive, in which he no longer says. I ask him his name he looks at me like Mom, you know my name! LOL He use to say tickle tickle.

    • humera ginwalla

      Cute.. I love u r bird.

    • AKSpartanKiIIer

      @drewdiggitydawg Yeah, Green wing = $800 — Hyacinth = $11,000-12,000

    • ChrissyMariee

      Beautiful bird! She's really smart.

    • Recon9143

      i have a problem with a african grey in a local owned store the birdy if we say

      Whatcha doing? it replys.. Your Dog, or Sometimes not shiting you it will say Your Momma, we think he gets this from us Saying Is that your dog, (A toy) or by saying whos your momma? lol

    • 1337Figaro

      im getting a parrot in the future probebly an African grey or a green macaw and i wonder. Can u walk with them outside without them flying away? and how long does it often take to make them say a few words?

    • Andrew Keys

      big difference between a green-wing and a Hyacinth. Like THOUSANDS of dollars.

    • Jacob Snyder

      she's such a pretty bird, she's kind of like my hahns macaw Dan dan, hope u find your bird

    • Isaiah Hernandez

      Aww. I can't believe she flew away. 🙁 I hope someone finds her, and someone really nice.

    • Angel Johnting Brown

      Thanks for the tip, mine is with me at all times in the home they are in our living room too. Maybe one of these days he will bust out with some new words and surprise us all!
      Your baby is gorgeous just like mine!

    • Angel Johnting Brown

      How many hours a day do you talk to her like this? My hahn's only says Hello and Nico (my son's name). Your bird talks so good I am jealous!

    • Nettan Von Pavarga

      real fun i cant belive a bird can talk

    • Andrea Downing

      I love your hahns macaw she is just adorable and smart too. She is funny when she goes on the curtains

    • littleraisa

      how sweet!!

    • littleraisa

      i looove it .. i loove her .. she is so adorable.. did you teach her talking??

    • NotQuiteSurprised

      a Mongolian BBQ sauce instead?

    • NotQuiteSurprised

      looks like it would taste good with a spicy Thai peanut sauce.

    • Laura Freeman

      We have a Severe Macaw who looks similar. Where did you think of that name? No offense but she sounds like a squeaky toy! LOL!

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