Boncuk (Turkish for lucky)is on vacation in our backyard, hanging-out on our pear tree. She talks and sings happy birthday while also looking around for intruders. 🙂

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    • Sebastian Schmidt

      oh my good, when he sings happy birthday thats soooooooooooo cute. <3

    • Sebastian Schmidt

      i have two of them and they are like little children. XD they laugh, they play, they cry, they want attention and if they are angry they scream. XD i love them so much, they are the most cutest thing on this planet.

    • YAMAME303

      very very so cute!!

    • Joanna Eve

      How old is your bird? Is she a fast learner? 🙂

    • laura jackson

      she is so cute she must be excited to go outside LOL

    • Ro Ro

      She is sooo cute…looks like you live in a beautiful place too!

    • Lisa D

      Hi there, please do tell – how do you manage to have your lovely girl up in a tree and keep her safe? Aren't you afraid she might take flight? Even with clipped wings, small birds like a Hahn's can fly high and far if frightened. (A loud sound like a lawn mower is all that is needed….I say that because alas, I've been there.) Please be careful with such a lovely bird!

    • Perry Nelson

      birdy's cute, but Mama sho can't sing!

    • Fernando Bueno

      she's crazy I luv her xD

    • laura jackson

      she is so cute and funny LOL

    • drcranger

      looks like your bird listens better than mine, we clip sprouts wings too but he likes to test his limits. if that were my bird he would be at the top of that tree probably lol.

    • fireinthetacobell

      This bird is great. I love her voice! lol.

    • bilal solmaz

      nice macaw. he got i think you are turkish so teach him some turkish too. tell him to say galatasaray please. bye the way where do you live?

    • malador1952

      Boncuk is a very beautiful bird. If I got a macaw it would be one like Boncuk. I help take care of the big ones in a sanctuary and would rather have a little one. ;^)

    • Falconry

      I just love your videos of her

    • Isokay

      I think he's clipped, i have an african grey 2 lovebirds, a ringneckparakeet and a conure there all clipped i take them everywhere i live in Holland, we went to turkey and Pico my african grey went with us
      BTW beautiful bird Boncuk is!

    • umitakcay

      boncuk nasil kacmiyor oradan? ve orasi neresi?

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