Jamieleigh hand feeding Cressi, the Congo African Grey parrot at 3 months old.

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    • Maximus anew

      Im getting a 3 week old C.A.G. and i hand fed macaws before but this is
      totally smaller so they dont as much how much would u say i should feed it,
      im goin to do 2 feedings a day

    • jedilee

      Sounds like she LOVES it!

    • CongoAfricanGrey

      @ninja6kid why shouldnt he/she??? what is wrong?! that is just common
      african grey baby sounds!!!!!!!!!??

    • meowkitty75

      Umm should I get an African grey

    • DoCWaSaBe

      god bless

    • CFdeedee

      what was that you feeding him!!

    • YaoMingLily

      Yahh!!! Food!!

    • thewellwisher1

      hey my 7 weeks old baby african is not eatin.,,,he is not respondin…wt
      shud i do?

    • DaveWomach

      baby formula by kaytee

    • CongoAfricanGrey

      Thats one hungry bird xD

    • PCgameKILLER

      i want some (:

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