Hatebeak – Bird Seeds of Vengeance from the split CD with Caninus “Hatebeak / Caninus”

There are no intelligible lyrics, the vocals are that of an African Grey parrot doing senseless death-squawking.

“The world’s only death metal band with an avian vocalist.” They have a bird as a death metal vocalist, which is a first in its genre. The band is nothing more than a parody, which points fun of such groups like Judas Priest, Hatebreed, Morbid Angel, Nile and others.

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    • Kalen Baker

      Still better than BvB and SWS

    • Kaushik Soryu

      Who else came here after reading did you know

    • Trevor Arnold

      come to brazil

    • Sm0ker

      This is an important advancement for bird kind. Sadly, it’s not enough to
      deliver them from unimportance.

    • Dragonogon

      I am not a parrot.

    • Ethan Mars

      Thank you, +PlagueOfGripes

    • Gwen Anderson

      This band is…. different. But hey… at least now you won’t hear the
      fangirls say “The lead singer is hot!”

    • Sam Hoyek

      Parrots these days….

    • sunID

      Na mivan öcsém?

    • captainbloodloss1

      pff wow

    • Lila Love

      Death metal, lead singer: African Grey Parrot.


      Hatebeak – Bird Seeds of Vengeance

    • Emily Smythe

      This is on an entirely different level from anything I have ever heard.

    • Chas D

      It’s really sad that the parrot is the most talented member of this band.
      There was so much potential here, wasted.

    • Lane Chris Andrews

      Yogscast LiveStream brought me here.

    • midnight_storm_

      Napalm death scum album art?

    • Metalliam

      So this exists… a parrot singing death metal…

    • George Molina

      Thank you, Did You Know

    • umneo


    • ayngemac


    • awesomeness gina

      Thanks Didyouknow

    • Tom Foxx

      today I introduce Hatebeak!
      …a metal band that has… a parrot as the lead singer!
      at least I know I’m entertained!

    • Dylan Reid

      what are the lyrics?

    • MikeVonDoom

      This parrot should win a Grammy!

    • Smoken Pictures

      The lyrics are; RAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!

    • Azael1332Xrd

      this band is even brutal than many other shits avenged, korn, hctk, etc

    • Jennifer Berrelleza

      ahaha im here after reading did you kno on fb

    • Corpse

      Here due to yogscast

    • kingyjulie

      This song is appreciated by my green cheeked conure :)

    • LovesIIsplooge

      Crazy facts brought me here..

    • AntySyjon


    • Jim Minogue

      I fap to this.

    • Rishabh Gupta

      ok!!! my ears need a break now god ……what the hell….

    • Manami Nakakura


      Love it!!!!

    • azodicarboxylate

      Merzbow would like this band.

    • Niima

      Did you know / le saviez-vous brought me here!

    • gabeN

      TADDL <3

    • Death Before The Cage Clothing

      DBTC keeps you informed….there IS a band called Hatebeak and the singer
      is an African Grey Parrot. Thank you. Hatebeak – Bird Seeds of Vengeance

    • denisethepainter

      This is so soothing! I’m gonna recommend they use this at the health-spa!
      I LOVE hatebeak!! 

    • Sam Amano

      Still a better singer than Axl Rose

    • HeyItsHannah

      Damn that’s brutal m/

    • Azael Ragnarok Riggan

      una de las bandas mas originales que he escuchado..

      ahora que sigue, un simio baterista?, un pulpo guitarrista?

    • John Foerster

      Liek if you cri evertim

    • David Davidson

      I knew this band before all ye reddit posers came it :X :X :3

    • FireHeartWarriors


    • CatPoopingBacon

      I like death metak rooster better.

    • Niccolò Rovelli

      Absolutely fantastic and hilarious!

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