Blue & Gold talks to himself. During the video he says:

Watcha doin?
Thank you
Mmm Mmm

    24 replies to "Hilarious Macaw Talking"

    • Julien Prévost

      don't worry, mom or dad will pick up the watermelon

    • Betty Figge

      Do they have to the beak trim

    • Captain Davy Jones

      Cut the fruit into smaller portions

    • Bruce Mccomb

      Do you still have him

    • shwubble is here

      Technology and nature don’t compare it its too modern it’s not right either

    • ntarkeness

      Why am I watching parrots at 2:25 Am?

    • Marjorie Amaral

      i have the same one in Brazil, i miss him :'(

    • Branden Seeley

      Why do the pupils dialate when he speaks?

    • Finches to Macaws

      He’s so cute I’m getting one in a year or two

    • Noor 3094

      My macaw doesn't talk, he only makes zombie sound and screams 😅 I think I have a zombie one lol

    • Olivia Richmond

      If you give me this bird, then I'll give you a 1 year old, Snow White, boxer terrior mix puppy.

    • Make Homer something, something

      Rip Tom Petty

    • Jeff Thompson

      not hilarious. teach him some conversation

    • Furby Girl

      The macaw is so cute at the beginning saying "peekaboo"! Its so adorable

    • Anna Jurado

      I have a blue & gold McCaw for 19 years. I brought Tarzan in this world and we'll depart together. My baby.

    • Andrea Jimenez

      What a cutie!!! Gorgeous bird!! He loves to play peekaboo, dosent He? lol

    • xhag1x

      crazy how his pupils retract every time he talks

    • Austin Tobin

      honestly this is how crack heads act.. this is just cute because its a bird, with the intelligence of a full blown crack addict that lives in your house.

    • Dread White

      Aww <3 I love macaws. They're so beautiful 🙂

    • River Young

      i want to grab the parrot out of that screen and hug it!!

    • swiftbear

      Swear it almost sounded like he picked up the watermelon and tasted it and said "HMMMM" hehe

    • Psychedelic Jungle

      great music!

    • John Q. Public

      He looks like his lower beak is so long he cant close his mouth?

    • CandyCandy

      love the music..people now don't appreciate good real music

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