This video is kinda old and embarrasing, now that I look back I realise how annoying I sounded. My accent is Australian.

A couple of days after this the owners found the bird and brought him back home.

We found this little dude when getting off the school bus. Luckily I had my camera.


    19 replies to "Homeless Talking Cockatoo"

    • Tina Samaniego

      I would've given that parrot a home. Why not, it's homeless after all.

    • Seashell

      I would've bitten her nose off for all the "hellos". JFC.

    • Last Just

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    • Last Just

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    • adamsymil

      STOP saying hello. It's annoying as f**k

    • Jon Snow

      That's bogan Australian accent, don't think everyone has that sort of accent lol..

    • xxSATURNxx

      i dont think that your accent is annoying at all!
      it's cool 🙂

    • LOTI LadyOfTheInternet

      Everytime you said "Hello" my cockatoo LOla went "Hello?"

    • mshonnie2u

      Typical Aussies, always annoying with their Hello's I know I lived in Australia

    • ReaTheWolfe


    • Stuka Kaiser

      or shut up 😉

    • Noelle Jordan

      he he he he

    • MNTornado Don

      It's pretty clear that this parrot was someones pet. I don't believe that wild parrots talk like that.

    • Noelle Jordan

      How f''ing annoying is right with all the hellos. Do you know ANY other word???

    • nes ra

      what is helloyyyy

    • ayse sari

      omg the birds probably hates you
      even i'll think that your annoying;L

    • lulu cc

      1:40 "Look at you"

    • FPV_Arthur

      or "suck it"

    • Decoboy

      he looks like he's doing alright.

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