You can stop parrots from biting two ways, by distracting the bird and figuring out why the bird wants to bite you and change up their environment. Learn more in this free pet care video.

Expert: Elizabeth Cantu
Bio: Elizabeth Cantu has owned and been working with parrots since 1994. She has been active in captive parrot rescue and rehabilitation.
Filmmaker: julio costilla

    47 replies to "How to Train a Parrot : How to Train Parrots to Stop Biting"

    • John Parks

      1:10 Good god, get that bird some help…

    • WhatStef

      I had a cockatiel once. I don’t think it felt “cornered” when it was
      sitting on my shoulder and decided to almost rip my earlobe off.

    • regina marin

      That poor poor cockatoo in the background

    • Paige KC

      What was the bird in the back… O_O

    • Liam Houghton

      The bird in the background is only
      molting, adults do this about once a year to renew old worn out feathers.
      It is no sign whatsoever of poor health. 🙂 just so people don’t keep
      asking what’s up with the bird in the back. Some birds molt worse than
      others and some look pretty bad when they molt. One of mine molts and looks
      real bad but he’s perfectly healthy 

    • B Stogsy

      I’m not questioning your parrot knowledge… but if you’re going to do
      videos on training birds, you should edit/fix/and do what is necessary so
      you actually look competent in it.

      I just can’t believe you’d do a video giving advice on parrots when your so
      nervous you cause the parrot to lose balance twice, have a plucking
      cockatoo in the background, and the bird takes off halfway through the
      video because it doesn’t want you touching it. I’m not saying those things
      don’t happen, but you’re in control of the play and pause button and you
      chose the take you decided to put online.

      Otherwise it just epitomizes the parrot industry in general. People with a
      barely half working knowledge of how to take care of parrots thinking
      they’re “trainers” because they’ve had a parrot for two years and giving
      new pet owners crappy advice, then hoarding more animals than they can
      handle and calling it “humane”.

    • Just Glenna

      You are a natural! thank you! Love all your videos, and the birds of course

    • Ngo Sen

      My bird alway bite me and husband, so how i can to train he stop to bite?
      When he bite so hurt… Pls help me

    • Vazha Bugadze

      If it bites how can i get it on my hand ??? 

    • Feathered Paradise

      Yeah fully good tips. Only problem is once you start using negative
      reinforcement every time your bird is on your hand the bird no longer wants
      to step up… then you have 2 issues.
      This bird is NOT interested in training with you. NO motivation with you
      what so ever. Very great bond you have with you parrot….

    • Samyuktha Rani

      Thank you

    • Sajida Ali

      Im more concerned about the cockatoo :/

    • rustybycycle

      what a beutifully marked african grey that is !!!! i have had mine 35 years
      and he was very defencive at first but he soon learned by a lot of nips and
      giving him his food by hand showing no fear you have to gain trust and you
      soon learn they will only do what they want to do its up to you to help
      them want to do what you want them to do ,even the hardest bite should not
      be retaliated against these are your nervous new friends remember it like
      this if your bird bites you it is certainly your own fault so best thing is
      work out what scares it and correct it max punishment is no treat for a
      bite !!

    • C Woods

      We have a 9wk old hand-feed Conure that we bought from a local breeder. She
      nipping allot; I do believe fear is the cause of her nipping because she is
      in a new environment. We tried the hand wobble and praise method (she like
      head rubs) method and it works great!

    • Mich More

      My cockatoo bites my husband, how can I make her stop? Is she jealous?

    • rustybycycle

      in my experiance you have a 5 year old human brain in a grey they like to
      play and be the centre of attention so you can laugh and i do every day
      laugh at what happens next ,they need you so be patient and all will come
      good but if you enter the room and your bird dont want anything to do with
      you dont go near it they can have the worst bad moods i ever seen
      destroying anything they feel like that day we all have bad days right ??
      dont dip your toast in coffee my grey shouts at me for a corner of toast
      and throws it into its water dish then pulls it out again and eats it
      funny hobby

    • Raymond Wallace

      this is somewhat helpful to most cases but not all by any means the male
      African gray that had no feathers we have named hobo yea no feathers all
      cool until you walk up to him and he putts his head down starring you up
      and putts his crest up and tells you “hobo”. he has gained almost all of
      his feathers back from spraying when he pulls but as a mature male and not
      being handled at all and treated bad he has never been hand fed he will
      bite as a first reaction then puff up putt his wings up to make himself
      bigger but as well in this type of bird they can as adults brake open
      brazil nuts they would fed off in the wild these trick would help on him
      after you get him to where he can be handled witch let me say is extremely
      difficult but the one other tim birds bite isn’t to harm it is to assert
      dominance simply hold there beak and tell them a command like biting is
      bad. another thing to use is a high pitched whistle or sound is a way to
      tell them they hurt or are hurting you but when adult males get in the mood
      to fight almost nothing can stop them. even my conjure desided my buddy was
      his competition and with how small and week his jaw is to the bigger guys
      he drew blood and all while he was swinging in the air from my buddy trying
      to swat at him. he was semi trained but mu buddy was scared of him so he
      chuck asserted his dominance and attacked the only funny part was he was to
      scared of him so befor that happened he was already running away
      screaming…. lol

    • Rawan Snowflake


    • girl

      It can’t now today it bite my finger again till bleeding my god I don’t
      know what to do

    • Jazz Jocelyn

      So this works for cockatiels right? they are the smallest parrot right?

    • melanie Estrada

      Help I have a wild quaker parrot he doesnt step up everytime I try he bites
      me and I cant hand feed him one time took one wee km at home just so he can
      get used to me but he just kept bitting what should I do

    • rustybycycle

      they dont actually bite in the wild

    • Payton Godon

      Great tips and the cockatoo in the back is so cute! 

    • rod ney

      Hi, what on earth happened to the parrot behind you? Looks like it tried to
      diffuse a bomb the hard way.

    • Michael Anirudhan

      I’m sorry stupid question I don’t know anything about taking care of birds
      but what is that behind her it looks half eaten 

    • TOP trending 2

      Thanx my grey is not biting now u are usefull girl

    • janosiadam

      I have an african grey, and he started biting me after I got a haircut some
      days ago. My hair was pretty lengthy (was growing for about 3 years), and
      the moment I arrived back home his behaviour changed. Does anyone have an
      idea to solve this situation, or just answer why does he do this now? Is it
      because he doesn’t recognize me anymore?

    • mel01777

      My bird bites when he doesn’t want to do something. For instance, he likes
      to snuggle up to my neck and sometimes I do not like it, when I try to get
      him off, he bites quite hard and this is just one example. How do I stop

    • golden heart

      I wish u could train my parakeet.
      Parrots and parakeets are kind of alike .

    • Mohamed Kwaja

      Ma gold n blue macaw gt to bite ma hand

    • jordan fleuriot

      Whats up with the bird behind you

    • Fernanda Garza

      My parrot doesn’t bite hard, but my parrot is really crazy. He won’t stay
      still and will fly everywhere. Sometimes he don’t like us to touch him
      because, he thinks we’ll put him back at the cage and that’s when he starts
      biting. What should i do?

    • savon mclemore

      the mccaw in the back is stressed out it seems, he/ she has been plucking
      its feathers off

    • We Heart Birds

      this helped so much

      (° >°)
      <{ }>
      ! !

    • Lundistani Shitteater

      i want to bite u …..u made me horny …i must mate with u..

    • Aussie reptiles

      Why is the cockatoo in the background have no feathers on its body?

    • Irina Vitruk

      ive had my budgie for about 3 months, and he is from the petstore, and he
      has never bit me if i tried to touch him. he wasnt scared of me anymore,
      and didnt care if i tried to pick him up. but recently, he has been trying
      to run away from my finger if i tried to take him from his cage, so i tried
      giving him millet each time i tried to have him step up when he was in the
      cage. that didnt work, and instead, he started biting my hand, but rarely.
      i think that he might have been affected when we had guests and the kids
      tried handling him when i wasnt around. well, today if i tried to get him
      to step up (he knows how to, but never does it in the cage, only on my
      finger) he would bite. he would keep running away if i tried to get him to
      step up. im wondering whatr could be the problem, and if anyone can help,
      please let me know what i can do!

    • abdulrahman al-modhayan

      What’s with the naked parrot?

    • Jessica Gordon

      thank you soo soo much for the open captioning!!! Deaf people love birds

    • narwhalxeatsxcake

      My parrot has been trained that biting is a game, and he is very
      aggressive.How can I correct this behavior? 

    • Tyler Blu Gunderson

      My bird bites because he likes my hand too much! Holds my hand down to

    • NumNaughts

      my conure bites me when i do the slow bite

    • T3KTONIT(cVec)

      you look sad

    • Saleh Magrabi

      I have a better way, take a stick and if he bite you just hit him on his
      head and repeat that until he understand that this move is not allowed

    • aaftab arnav

      Miss Elisabeth can u come to my home make my parrot to stop biting I live
      in india

    • girl

      My grey start barking like a dog
      And biting my hands

    • Vinod Balakrishnan

      My ring neck parrot two months age fully showing the grown up behavior all
      the way, and the main thing she biting and opening all paper packs and food
      item which is in paper pack. its really annoying me. he bites when he is
      busy with this job. and he is so lovely when he rests, please give an

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