Our bird Dewey won’t talk around me, but he talks to everyone else. He stops talking as soon as he sees me at the end of the video.

    19 replies to "Hyacinth Macaw Talking Bird – Dewey “dewdrop”"

    • BakenBaconGaming

      W a n n a n u t ?

    • Blue_Lugia

      Why filming the floor??? ?

    • Tylen

      I don't know why listening to this bird say "want a nut" is so funny but I'm in tears and my face hurts

    • keon moghimi

      I'm getting 2 hyacinth macaws

    • Justin Arce

      Ha up an down

    • Dre Cobain

      Cat is freaked out

    • ObscureTax4

      Tu est mentes!

    • ObscureTax4

      He doesn't want a damn apple.

    • ObscureTax4

      It's a lie!

    • Dina Ibrahim

      1:26 your welcome

    • iezhy

      cat was like "wtf is goin on"

    • Harper Anderson


    • Kate O

      Lol at the penguin sounding laugh! We taught our grey that as a joke!

    • ben kelly

      my eclectus does the exact same thing lol is the bird most bonded to you cause i think they do it cause they dont think they have to talk to there owners for some reason not sure why my bird seriously is convinced that there is a ghost in the house that talks to her lol i love the way your bird walks so cute

    • Cynthia Read

      Lol he wanted a nut, not an apple! 😀 And omg the foot thing. My bird does that.

    • R Hirshi

      you want a nut

    • sky4149

      cant you tell he wants a nut lol

    • ruffianlives

      The cat's expression is priceless….pretty cat, too. I love hyacinths.

    • meatwad515

      WANT A NUT?

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