how many times can you say polly want a cracker?


    • Charlie gadająca papuga Ara i narzeczona Paris

      Greetings from Poland ??

    • Lynwood Reed

      the bird has no food in his dish.

    • An Artistic Edge LLC .

      I surly hope he or she has a much larger play stand with lots of great toys

    • Coletta Davis

      Hello. My bird name is Tonk.Tonk dances and only talk to me he is 22 years old and big baby.I have only had him 8years

    • jj bailey

      first off I love him and his vids!!  My b&g bella enjoys watchin him she has even learned to say some of his sayings .. lol  all though she gets a lil upset cuz hes always saying hi jack so shell start yelling hi bella haha thanks for all the great vids and hope to see some new ones soon 🙂 

    • Line-katrine Naley

      I really love these birds <3

    • Max Leo

      beautiful bird, i have a greater jardine named jack 😀

    • Stacie Marks

      I love it. My Catalina is watching with me. She says "STOP" to Jack. She thinks she's the only one allowed to talk around here. Jack is adorable. Mine is "Sassy" and you can see her video on you tube too. It's called "Crazy little baby bird"

    • michele Dickey

      Please turn the radio and tv off when you are filming a bird talking. You can't hear the bird.

    • Adam E

      We taught our African Grey to poop on command. "Shazam" is the phrase… I think when he was a baby we said "Oh Shazam!" and it stuck.. Now when we say it, he goes.

    • Audrey Ruiz

      I have a blue gold mecaw and he ha

    • metatheria

      it is possible to train them to poop on command

    • kidfromstatenisland

      Ashley is 40-50 we think. She's had a hard life and transition to me was difficult until I realized she hated her cage. For years she'd been trying to break a plexiglas panel that slid. When I gave her a new cage, moved the old one out to the porch for sunny days, is when we bonded. My Moluccan was a hf baby with a single owner, and she's 20. My Goffin is bonded to my husband and she's 10. Don't be afraid to adopt, but let them choose you.

    • kidfromstatenisland

      Sitting here with Ashley, my African Grey – We met Jack yesterday. She follows me around – climbs off the cage to find me. She has two other Youtube friends, Ruby the AG who swears and Pierre and she's on my channel with the others. Ummm – how long did the curtains last or was it a solid valance and Jack made it lace? ;c)

    • Tammy Scheers

      They walk around the house ,they wil have an accident but thats why we tiled our floor, lol.

    • GeezGerl

      you let your parrot fly free in your house, so do they poop everywhere? or is there a way to potty train them ?

    • TheHorseLady1212

      Would you say that these birds or clean? Do they stink? Do they poop all over the place when you let them out?

    • redmagicwoman81

      Most birds, except owls and such, sleep at night, they go to sleep at sunset and wake up at sunrise. That's why if you're staying up, you must cover their enclosure to darken it for them, and take the cover off when you wake up in the morning, so they wake up too. If they can't go to sleep because of noise and light, they get moody as, my parakeet gets all shitty and bites when he's tired.

    • porsleendoll

      appearantly his previous owners made out alot!!..he keeps sayng "GIVE ME A KISS!" LMAOOO

    • Tammy Scheers

      Don't be afraid to adopt an older bird. Jack was 10 years old when we adopted him. We found that Jack learned the most first thing in the morning. When we entered the room, we would say the word or phrase we wanted him to learn. He picked it up quickly. Best of Luck!!

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