My African Grey Parrot is soooooo sweet!!!! I am crazy in love with her….

    10 replies to "Kissing My Lovely Sweet African Grey Parrot"

    • boneair

      nice video minus the music that i shouldn’t have to mute via the comeback
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    • toddviv

      awwww little baby

    • Bethh Victoriaa Louisee

      this video made my day :’) so so so beautiful <3

    • Ellenie Webb

      i hope you get more views that video was awesome expecially the music

    • Ellenie Webb

      are those expensive

    • Sanya A

      Your african grey is one in a million 😀 😀

    • David Greenman

      So sweet. Thank you for this video.

    • Dante Aligheri

      What a wonderful friendship! The love between the two of you is so obvious.
      I hope that you and Alice have many, many great years together.

    • Fashionistafy

      Oh my, what a cute little baby!!

    • hana itani

      beautiful you make my day

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