This is KooKoo, our African Grey… just uploading this for a friend to see how much our bird makes his noises… the one in the cage is an African Grey we were watching for a friend for a while.

    8 replies to "kookoo the African Grey sounds"

    • rick grams

      They need a bigger cage

    • Hussain Mehmood

      I also have two grey parrots

    • Randy W Horton

      The calling for prayer in the background makes it hard to actually concentrate on the grey talking ?

    • Eye Pop Compilations

      Answere me gode peple, yf these parrats cann speke in ful sentences or can they not? Cann they speke wel in Latyn speche ase wele ase Englyshe?

    • theryanchambers

      Please buy bigger cage. African Gray needs bigger cage otherwise gets depressed.

    • Dean Bradshaw

      Charlie loves this video, he's a grey too and comes alive when I play this

    • Luvanon

      Yes, I hope that's not a permanent cage for that Grey.

    • Melissa Johnson

      That cage is no where big enough for that grey!

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