This is a video of our African Grey parrot calling and whistling for the dog. When he first started doing this Max would go running to see who was calling. Now Max has figured out it’s just Larry calling.

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    • Virginia Kennedy

      African Grey Parrots are great talkers and with that red tail and sexy male
      voice…. thanks Larry for making me smile

    • Ronan Hart

      I, for one, accept our new parrot overlords.

    • Kimai Firehawk

      Thats funny. have a similar story.. I wondered why my dogs were running so
      much outside while washing dishes. went outside and herd my cockatiel
      learned my whistle and had my dogs running back and around the house as
      they were looking for me. sure tired them out xD

    • Melvin Vines


    • RoseNosferatu

      LOL so cute!

    • Amanda Claycomb

      is larry really ’talking’?

    • komainc7712


    • BigTose

      At 1:27 I think he said “killing spree”

    • ela1984maa2

      My dog, Max, responded to his call! He also barked at it! LOL!

    • nancy rose

      loved it !

    • Michicha Nzcery

      Goodnight Larry.

    • Nicky Pasquier

      *African Grey calling his Doggy Friend!*

      Be careful what you say with birds like this around … 

    • nutellablaster

      This is incredible

    • Lang Lynn

      Lol I knew someone that had a talking parrot and he always called out to
      the dog saying come here bear! And eventually the dog grew tired of it and
      no longer came when anyone called.

    • A Ga

      Larry is so endearing 

    • Morgan Wilson

      i have a dog called max and when larry called max my dog came over

    • Crafty snail

      Woow hahaha

    • Troll God

      why dont scientist investigate why these birds can talk and see if any
      others can

    • MaxTheDog

      <------ AHHAHAHAHAHAH i legit don't even....

    • Steve smiley

      wow, that is so amazing! I could watch this all day, there should be a
      channel with just birds talking.

    • Linda Linda

      Larry is beautiful and very entertaining. thanks for sharing the video.

    • David Nguyen

      Do not leave me alone with this bird at the house at night.

    • Dennis Barszcz

      So cool:)))

    • Maja Exalto

      i love african grey parrots – super funny

    • wolfgirl2718

      Is this how you sound like? parrots are so cool how they can sound exactly
      like their owners!

    • Sophie Cui

      max said, STOP asking me to come here!!!

    • dwampls1969

      Does Larry sound like his male owner?

    • ecut1

      Larry was also a rescue parrot. We were lucky to find one so tame and well
      cared for.

    • Miller3492

      he has to be the most clear speaker i have heard.

    • Missus2112

      This bird is so eloquent…it’s amazing really. If I talked to him on the
      phone I’d think I was talking to a somewhat odd man, but I doubt I’d
      realize it was a bird! He’s hilarious

    • briandd27

      It’s amazing how these birds can pick up human language!

    • Susan Viel Zorn

      I love how he makes the door knocking sound when Max doesn’t come to his
      call. Larry makes me laugh outloud. Thanks for sharing!

    • spintation

      do u know if he really wants Max to come or is just saying words?

    • guigal2

      0:01: “Kay. Hear the by-laws, so many vectors.”

    • Kelline Pickett

      Now do a video showing Max’s response to the bird calling him.

    • ObservableFiction

      im no expert but I think they naturally mimic speech and sounds, I don’t
      think any training is involved. Perhaps repetition

    • Prince Navan

      great parrot how did he learn all these words ????? i have an african gray
      parrot 3 month (dose he can learn to talk ? )

    • mimigirlmiss

      This bird is amazing!!!LOL

    • steve believe

      Is he doing max Headroom at 0:48 ?

    • bhfan4

      That is just incredible. It’s amazing how a bird can sound so human and so

    • I'm your worst nightmare

      Larry is so funny and cute!

    • LOTTO

      So how do you get a African Grey? Do you just have to get lucky and get a
      rescued one or can you get them at a pet store?

    • TheMangakaNinja

      I think he says ‘Kill streak’ o.o

    • elise724

      i have a dog named max

    • StellyBelly

      Your African Grey is insanely awesome.

    • Mark Palacios

      Christopher Walken impression and I’m sold…

    • sjord7

      Mine says “These aren’t the droids you’re looking for… move along”

    • marcia king

      o my god that is so funny hahahahha

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