Liu is a 15 or so year old severe macaw and new resident at The Wilson Parrot Foundation in Damascus, MD. She says all sorts of things

    8 replies to "Liu the severe macaw talking at the Wilson Parrot Foundation 3"

    • Cindy Harvard

      I bet he can say ABC real quickly he is good

    • Cindy Harvard

      such a good talker I love it

    • Xochilthl Bastida

      I love severe macaws especially this one??????

    • Frying1Pans

      My severe likes imitating me whistling and sneezing

    • Rayncatt

      Oh how awesome! I have 2 Severe's here my 13 yr old female and 12 yr old male who are both delighting in watching in this! Tipeeka my female has about 100 words and Jaz only says a few. I have not heard pomegranate however ever from a parrot!!! That was great!

    • Mika Lero

      Her owner must have been Chinese, because today she kept saying hello, and asking how I was in mandarin.

    • Elaine Mickley

      I think she's saying "millet", but could be me.

    • Iceemansc

      wow awesome bird how old? how do you teach it to talk so well? considering a severe macaw for my self!

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