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    14 replies to "Macaw Talking | Hello"

    • Wanda Steeves

      What a beautiful bird

    • DylBeen the Plotagonist and randomee 240

      Did you know that a Blue Throated macaw is an endangered species, there's less than 250-300 left in the wild

    • T.J. Smith

      we are loking for more vidos to see

    • EnidAndMimi

      Sht up
      Sut up?

    • EnidAndMimi


    • EnidAndMimi

      Your bird named storm is the cutest voice ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

    • Manuel Miranda


    • fracc90

      All of your birds are adorable! i have a little green budgie that says "cheeseburger" when he starts to ramble. you are so lucky to have so many Parrots in this family of feathered friends and they love you back.

    • Spookylady

      I think I just watched all the videos on your channel, LOL. Your birds are beautiful and obviously very well-loved and cared for. You seem like super sweet people, thank you for sharing your feathered family! 

    • MrJuiceBox99

      Chet Womach = Mac Strider
      Chet is known for "Dog Training" "Parrot Training" And now has a business in "Child Rearing"

      I was wondering if anyone else heard anything about this? I don't think its completly true but there is some tought evidence out there.

      I'm not trying to be rude in ANY way, I just want some information
      Thank you

    • ultramaximus

      A blonde wig really? LOL

    • ethan palmer

      Sorry when I went to push the commet button I hit flag as inapropat sorry

    • DiaboloJuggler

      Hey, Jinxie !

      Jinx: SHUT UP ! xDDDD

    • BeachLoverGirl

      He said shut up lol

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