Hello fans of feathered friends,
Just another day with the birds. How does anyone get anything done without a parrot? Who knows:) This is my Harlequin Macaw, Rocky throwing my laundry all over the place. You can see my Umbrella cockatoo Jersey in the background in her cage having her nap time. She just had her breakfast so she is taking a rest. I usually have them on the same napping schedule but Rocky can’t resist laundry.

I have a much longer video of him throwing the laundry all over the place, if you guys want me to upload that video let me know:)

It’s really funny when he says, “Owe”, that means stay away or I will bite!

    20 replies to "Macaw Talking, Throwing Laundry Around | THE ROCKY FILES"

    • maryratti

      is he in the middle of a molt in this video? he's looking kinda rough.

    • saima naz

      Beautiful parrot????????❤✌????

    • ItzPelicanGamingYT

      parrots love throwing things get him somthin to throw!

    • Sarah Willoughby

      Ahh, mommy's little helper. He's sorting by color. So smart!

    • Birds R Us

      what type of macaw?

    • La Dama del Caribe

      there is no human there to stop that cuteness …

    • Does bird make funny sounds, if bird does not talk?

    • Eimojez Aumick

      I'm a recent subscriber and I love your videos! I rescued a sun conure and I appreciate any tips I can get.????

    • Ciara Mikel

      I'm dead ????????????????????

    • Emma Dee

      Whats up with his feet?

    • krystal padden

      His a bit like one of my birds but My bird loves to go on my mums table and he throws everything thing off like his the boss of the talk. Birds are soo funny

    • The Greatest Pilot

      This video purified my soul

    • Crazybirdmama

      eek…one big beak doing laundry…quite protective haha

    • Mariana Gutierrez

      will rocky ever not want to bite you anymore? 🙁

    • saif Dadan

      sorry for these many questions but one last question marlene. I keep my cage near my window and many other parrots comes and sit on it eats the good and flys away but 1 parrot comes every day to eat guvava what if i take him in for some day and leave him becaus my female parrot is crazy for him. the parrot which comes from out he have some insects in him is there any cure for it please let me know. your greates fan ????saif????


      Rocky is so cute, great helper

    • ChristopherX30

      Is it just me, or has he been REALLY, REALLY CRABBY for the past month's episodes??

    • saif Dadan

      my female alexendrine is behaving like crazyy.. is she gonna lay egg or its a hormonal change in her

    • Shivaprasad Reddy

      You want me to come off the laundry huh? Here…take this & this & this underwear in particular!!

    • The Adike

      hey im wondering if you can help me tame my female indian ringneck and she does not bite me but she flies around when i try to get her to step up and when i let her out she tries go and hide some were help!
      plz answer

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