blue and gold macaw plays with cute boxer pup
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    20 replies to "Macaw tells Boxer ‘don’t bite’!"

    • Gumbies

      That's just irresponsible.

    • Ashen One

      There's no way that bird didn't understand what don't bite means or atleast he knew when to use it

    • Evan Garcia

      Cute dog but that bird belongs in the wild.


      I'd be scared too, look at the size of that thing!

    • ASAP Killuminati

      Oi wished my chicken and donkey got along like that 🙁

    • Matt Bakeniti

      What an asshole, why would you expose your bird to danger like that?

    • jonny pepperston

      Its the bird dog

    • Wolfie Gia2005

      Hilarious ?

    • Katrina B

      Birds are so smart.

    • Adriana Garcia

      I pass by a house on my way to school every day and they have a macaw like this and it just sits there on the fence exactly like a guard dog

    • Dave Johnson

      I had Norman, my cockatiel for 26 years. He did January 2016. About nine years ago I got a 13 month old boxer. Missy got a little too friendly with Norman and tried to sniff his butt. Norman did not think highly of the exercise! He spun around and bit Missy on the nose. Took out a fair sized chunk of nostril meat. Missy jumped back and shook her head and took off down the hallway. Blood was everywhere! After that, Missy understood about the pecking order!

    • Hazel Aspinall

      Dog is saying FOOOOOOOOOD ?

    • Paul Noel

      Doug Jones ads are lies

    • Jack Savard

      I want a bird so fkn bad but my parents have split custody over me so I can’t own any animals

    • Noah Holewski

      OMG lucky u only have 1 macaw I have 6

    • DAVIDXO Morales

      The dog like what kind of cat is this

    • titsprojects

      the bird is mimicking the dog's sneezing– sneezing is how dogs signal that they're playing

    • Ad Dajjal

      Birb vs doggo

    • Donald Trump

      Boxers and birds…

    • La Leaf

      Bird is depressed? Or does he always seem a little blue? ; )

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