Meet “Louie” the Umbrella Moluccan Cockatoo @ Parrotzville toys
Talking birds and african grey funny animals.

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Meet Louie The Umbrella Cockatoo Bird
Meet “Louie” the Umbrella Cockatoo @ Parrotzville toys

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    20 replies to "Meet “Louie” the Umbrella Moluccan Cockatoo @ Parrotzville toys – Talking Birds"

    • King Louie's Castle

      Louie is a pretty cool Moluccan. I actually am the lucky person who adopted him. He's a sweet boy and we love him lots! Cool vid! I love Parrotzville btw. Debbie the owner is AWESOME!

    • it'sSharonblog

      Do you was take him from the store?!?

    • Carden Jude Juneau

      This my friends, is what happens when a bird picks you.

    • Landscaping Employee Trap & Window Cleaning

      Tadaaa! Louie is a good bird.

    • ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ Bird Lover ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      I would love it there ._.

    • Nobody Else But You G

      The cars playing in the background epic!

    • kylemanross

      Thats not an umbrella cockatoo, thats a moluccan cockatoo

    • Sj McGue

      Awe….how precious Louie…he likes the guy!! 😀

    • dee welsh

      I'm sure the birds all got extra loud when "I can't get no satisfaction" played on the radio lol bird rave!!

    • dee welsh

      lol you are brave. As the owner of 4 large parrots and bearing the cars to prove it, I would NEVER put my face so close to a bird I don't know!

    • Leah Swee

      I wonder what happened now with Louie. I haven't seen any videos about this bird since it was taken from the store the Parrotzville. Is it still alive?

    • Raptor 13

      Its so funny how he likes the guy & is so distant with the girl. She doesnt understand shit about parrots.

    • Aksam Mehtabiniz guzel olsun

      Louie ,,,super sweety,,bird,maluccan,parrot

    • Dat one Boi

      I want to hug Louie for some reason

    • Kt.kru.07

      Louie is the same as my umbrella cockatoo lol can't be left alone ever ?

    • Bette Royer

      I hope you took Louie home. He really loves you both

    • GGBABE

      Aw I would love to have contact with the parrots

    • c lit

      the dude is kind of an idiot. was he trying to get his finger broken by one of these birds?

    • Damien Step

      amazing parrot .did u buy him ?

    • dejalouielove

      he wants someone to love him ??? I hope they are ….

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