Misha the Moluccan cockatoo and my friend’s French bulldog are apparently speaking the same language and talking to eachother.

    9 replies to "Misha and the Frenchie talking to eachother"

    • Karen Haid

      I had 2 French Bulldogs living next door to me. They can really make some awful strange noises. This is the perfect friend for Misha to talk to. He is making the same sounds. Your funny Misha!

    • Steven Heywood

      That poor little dog sounds bloody awful….like some animal caught in a trap ????????

    • Cissy2cute

      Dog licking chops: "Gee, that bird looks delicious!"

    • Cant Think Of Name

      Bulldogs barking 'ill have you for dinner' and bird is shouting 'haha no you cant im staying up here!'

    • wilma geertgens

      Eow!!!! The noise level was really off the charts with both of them. I've never heard a dog make th one noises before. He must think Misha is some thing special.

    • Axel Werner

      What a brat

    • hummingbird

      Thats so funny!!!

    • Vicky Abramowitz

      I don't know what either of them were saying but they seemed to understand each other. LMAO

    • Lisa Adolf

      LOL, I have never heard a dog make noises like that!

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