I’m up late doing some computer work with the lights out. I thought Misha was asleep. He suddenly started doing this and I turne my camera on him to catch it. It sounds like he’s having a conversation with a devil! When he notices that I’ve noticed him, he says a few final words and climbs back into the dark.

    4 replies to "Misha the Moluccan cockatoo talking like a devil at night"

    • Kolibri

      Maxwell T. Bird has some competition in the "spookiest cockie sounds" department.

    • BirdyTheParakeet

      That is a very cool bird!
      Subscribed 🙂

    • Stephanie Martin

      wow…Misha would scare me if I didn't know he was there

    • kristy daigneau

      Put that bird in a rock band! lol

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