This is Juice, our Mitred Conure. He talks up a storm and is so happy in the morning. He’s 9 years old and full of energy!

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      I had one ….These birds are extremely loud but fun to have, mine managed to say few words ….. I am not sure how old he was when I got mine but he only lived about 12 years with me

    • Rosalind Levin


    • Rosalind Levin


    • Madison Mitzkovitz

      When you are singing the other bird is like "SHUT UP! SHUT UP!" xD

    • Emily Wilkins

      Mines 12years old 🙂 she says i love you jojo (her names jojo) she says good morning, good night, byebye jojo, happy birthday, scoobydoo, Thank you (whenever she sees food) and loads of other things 🙂

    • RangerDave505

      Most conures will be fine as a single bird, as long as they get a good amount of social interaction with you every day out of the cage and have plenty of toys/activities in their cage to keep them occupied the rest of the time. By nature, they are very social, so most birds would prefer another bird for company, but it's not necessary if they get enough human social interaction.

    • Oscar

      does a conure need a second bird in the cage or house to be happy i go to school so i dont have time for it all day

    • RCplaneDude

      Getting one in 4 days

    • tareed44

      LMAO he is a dancin fool. so darn adorable.

    • CartmanPHX

      Are conures noisy?

    • Jacob Brooks

      i seriosly thought you said good morning jews

    • Argondia Retaw

      @KrystelLucas same:)

    • RangerDave505

      @KrystelLucas OMG….now that is freakin HILARIOUS!!! I can't stop laughing!

    • Krystel Lucas

      lol i thought you said good morning jews.

    • sendmorecoffeesp

      @speedmonkey75 i would really love to losten to that all morning ive never been to hawaii

    • Amanda Christine

      I used to have a bird just like this one 😀

    • hussein335

      my parakeets name is juice too !

    • Nellie K. Adaba

      I love talking birds!

    • Chris Ronan

      I'm listening to a flock of mitered conures swooping my house right now. They've been at it all morning! It's mango season, so they're excitedly going from tree to tree. It's a wild flock here on the Big Island of Hawaii, they're also known as the Hualalai Parrots. They live in a cave high up on the mountain and fly all over during the day. I was wondering what kind of pets they could make 😉

    • birdlady423

      Juice is a sweetie pie and so beautiful!

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