Some of MJ’s favorite sayings. He’s a Congo African Grey parrot. He sings and dances to the Tarantella, asks for a shower, and gets excited when he gets a treat. I edited the non-talking parts out. I hope you enjoy it!

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    • XdonteatmypizzaX

      “Hey now watch it I’m taking a shower” 

    • Ria 459

      I REALLY REALLY want to get one but they are so expensive 🙁 … .

    • lisa bradley

      So cute!!! entertaining! 

    • yvonneost12

      people watch these vid’s and think how cool it would be to have one , but
      they are a LOT of work to keep them entertained and looked after properly ,
      I have one , and he’s about 6 months old now , and he is a mischievious kid
      in his antics ,I have wanted one all my life ,and don’t regret getting him
      as I have the time , but if your thinking of getting one please do your
      homework 1st.I’ve kept parrots for over 40 years , so I thought I was sort
      of prepared to take on one of these as a pet & companion , but keep in mind
      they are very demanding , none of this shove him in a cage and look at him
      stuff , they have to be part of the household..Good luck all ..


      @inky2 it’s both…..

    • penguinlover456

      that was sooo cute. I am trying to beg my mom so we can get one lol but she
      doesn’t want it 🙁

    • Sarah DiLaurentis xo

      @FattyDudley dogs.

    • Nisa Pagaduan

      @nenekaguya2 lol yah, parrots would take over the world one day, haha

    • MeTaLiXe

      He says “You’re a Parrot!..” the best line made me laugh so much

    • antoniorossiz

      Awesome bird.

    • dinksta

      @daoneking95 ;( Why? Don’t you get to spend much time with him? He’s
      probably angry with you…

    • counterclockwise123

      how much do these intelligent winged creatures cost?

    • Courtney Grant

      He looks like are african grey parrot Abey, but are’s is not too bright but
      he loves to talk and sing. ^^ MJ’s very cute.

    • MrMajmuncina

      sparky is better

    • star54100

      ermm cute

    • dannyi232


    • Alan07881

      @counterclockwise123 pay no more than £900gbp with a cage!

    • douro20

      He sounds like a woman on the telephone.

    • Flankeerrr

      best talking video of African parrot is /watch?v=TRhvUJIwbV0&feature=g-vrec

    • Toe Mas

      the ad on the left “African Grey Parrot” “Learn How!”

    • MissIDX

      il y a 2 minutes I have a parot like MJ, mine is 2 years old. He is pretty
      annoying, and every time I talk to my parents he answers, yes or no in
      norwegian. The biggest problem is that he makes fart sounds XD. My evil
      stepfather taught him that, also he prefers my stepfather rather than me
      ToT. That is why I can never pet him almost…

    • MizzRipssa


    • Nisa Pagaduan

      haha parrots are awesome. i think its weird tho how its an animal talking..

    • Lingerfoot

      How much do they cost? Peace!

    • Brandon Carr

      @boundaryzero – I don’t even have enough room for a cage. 🙁

    • Elvenking71

      These pets are very very much like your own child…the bond is more than
      you can believe. I love my Issac. 🙂

    • MegaCozzy

      @coeurenpoche ha

    • kulbren

      Aww, so cute

    • nenekaguya2

      @nisbabee11 they have learned our language XD next birds shall take over
      out planet :3 in seriousness, that is an exreamly smart, beautiful,well
      trained parrot, at MJ made me giggle a lot 😀

    • Autumn Night

      awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww so cute! 😀


      i love that parrot

    • Yandry Llanes

      How do you teach him to nod his head? i Cant get mine to do it.

    • SuperBob1221

      If I had a parrot, I would teach him to say, “Capture the Flag,” In master
      chief’s voice. Oh the laughs that would be.

    • TheOscarSaysShow

      Check out Oscar, he says tones in a English west country accent!

    • LovelyNano1995

      i like parrots i had one her name is Koko she was a big chatter go to my
      channel if you wanna watch her the most of my videos are about her

    • Heavykiller1

      haha favorite part 1:22 to 1:45 “Do you want a carrot?” (Nods Frantically)
      “Do you love your mom?” “Hmmmm…..” then “Ooohhh” xD Best parrot ever ^_^

    • planetdance233

      @KrazyKurd05 grapes apples baby carrot but never avocados !

    • Alex Amiri

      LOL whats this, coool…

    • ThisIsGiulioHanchar

      He sounds more excited then me whenever he gets something he wants….
      INtresting. :/

    • bearandwoot

      @CGRednaz That song is shit.

    • nimasha83


    • tacoalf

      Very cute

    • hotrodkimbla

      @CGRednaz hes a bird dumb ass

    • Brandon Carr

      I want one but they are such a commitment and I live in a tiny apartment 🙁

    • xUsako

      beautiful bird! ^__^

    • Garitter10

      African Greys are amazing birds… Their speech abilities are like no
      other. They can imitate almost anything perfectly.

    • ajay kumar

      veri nice………

    • elizabeth12775


    • beaker dewhoot

      What are the dimensions of his cage? Like, Inchwise?

    • foliveu1

      Your parrots adorable you can check out my barry whose a bare eyed cockatoo
      he’s very funny and loves dancing to rap music he dances pretty good
      considering he’s a white bird go to barry the dancing bird snoop dod it’s
      pretty freakin funny especially the last fifteen seconds

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