This is the uncut video of one of MJ’s talking sessions. (It’s the same as the 5 shorter videos put together.) I’m sorry the video/audio quality is bad. (The audio’s out of sync.) My digital camera kinda sucks, lol.

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    • hypnosiscenter nyc

      For 28 years, my African Grey Angel, was my friend and always loving companion. Where as most Greys are known to bond to one person, Angel was just as friendly throwing kisses. Last night at 10:30 I played with her for the last time. An hour later, she was on the bottom of her cage, still warm, eyes open. I will never forget. I will never forget the friendship. I carried her down to the Hudson River (NYC), wrapped in a warm shirt and let the tides take her to her final resting. Miss her soooo!

    • Kim Brown

      my grey loves listening to MJ he thinks there is another bird in the house!!!! I LOVE your grey!!!

    • deva eva

      very very bad camara

    • Aaron Krill

      @bluetheparrot maybe turn off the capslock when talking to him… and fix your own grammar?

    • Aaron Krill

      @bluetheparrot maybe turn off the capslock when talking to him…

    • Michelle Cornejo

      @kristyu2bullet OMG

    • Michelle Cornejo


    • ExEdzy

      SHUT UP.!! :D:D

    • Adnan Zuwayyed

      hey i just made my first 2 video please watch them 🙂 (how I met a parrot) (The most contagious laugh ever) thx :))))))

    • ForAllAnimals

      I've watched a couple of your videos and am just curious… Do you ever let this bird out of it's cage?? Or does it just live its life treated as the side show behind bars? These birds are loving creatures that need companionship and physical interaction. Depriving them of that is cruel and unfair. I'd really enjoy seeing a video of this incredible and intelligent bird outside of its cage interacting and getting love from its owner.

    • sarah

      he has very good speech! cute. lol he must think you're REALLY thirsty

    • sarah

      he has very good speech! cute

    • sllywbbt

      Hes wonderful!!! Im sitting here with my amazon and my female eclectus and they are quite intent on what MJ has to say…..LOL

    • nldm561

      @m3gal0man1ac bad spell check

    • OUR3BS Daily Family Vlogs

      my mom really wants a grey parrot

    • 14Jibbs14

      lol african grey parrots are so cute. i'm gonna get one sometime in the future.

      did you train it to talk like that or does he catch on after listening to daily conversations?

    • Light Storms

      i must be different to most ppl cause i find seeing birds in cages really sad, imagine not ever being able to fly, thats like a human never being able to walk. 🙁 🙁

    • Janfromboone

      MJ is a doll!! Nice cage! Don't you love the little head bob.

    • Jodie Tews

      Want some of Mama's water?…..I love it!!! lol

    • dondude69

      I think he wants a shower!

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