Since a few viewers have said they find it hard to tell what MJ is saying, I decided to make some videos with transcripts. MJ talks just as well as a person, but my camera isn’t the best quality, lol. Enjoy!

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    • theonlyzdog

      Must be hard to train them. From what I've heard, they say what they want, when they want. lol

    • ForAllAnimals

      It's so nice to see MJ out of his cage. He is so smart and beautiful.

    • ForAllAnimals

      It's so nice to see MJ out of his cage. He is smart and beautiful.

    • TammyJo14

      Sooooo Cute:)

    • AnGrYGrEeKGuY


    • chanchan773

      I just noticed he sounds a little like you. Their imitative skills are neat!

    • kristyu2bullet

      Thank you. I know what you mean about them not being able to say some words & getting frustrated about it. My grandma's 1st grey could say all our names except "Anthony." He'd say, "Antha, Antha…" and then get mad & make a gibberish noise, lol.

    • kristyu2bullet

      My mom taught him to say, "I wanna carrot," but he does make up his own sentences & even his own words for things. Some are quite amusing. ;D

    • kristyu2bullet

      Thanks! You'll have to come over & meet him, one day. 😀

    • kristyu2bullet

      Thank you, bonnfyre472. We all talk to him throughout the day & we also leave the TV on when we're not in the room, sometimes, too. He goes crazy (singing, talking, dancing) when he hears music. I think the more you talk to them, the more they talk back. But MJ's always been a chatterbox.

    • ccape8

      that fat boy sure does like carrots. 😉

    • pokeopolis

      Wow what an amazing bird. Youtube shares so many great things. Thanks you for posting this. Your bird is so so smart. How did you teach him all these wonderful tricks?

    • Damon Diablo

      Hey fat boy :))) hahahahashaahahahahahahaah

    • George Verrall

      i know… sounds exactly like his owner so cute

    • SeventhEve

      Has he learned to construct his own sentences? Did he piece together "I wanna carrot" himself from other words you taught him?

    • IluvAandN

      I love how he says. I WANNA CARRET. Then the way he counts. lol

    • meelind

      Love this video. I love how he says ooooooooo.

    • ShortPotato

      Its even got the accent…XD

    • B Miller

      What a sweetie….I love the head-bob when he's talking.

    • kristyu2bullet

      Yeah, I know. I've been in the process of transfering the pages from one site to other. So, it's been down while I'm doing that, sorry! Thanks for looking, though, and check back in a couple of months. I *should* have it all done by then!


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