Life with a bird, and trying to eat, drink or do anything! Do not attempt birds being outside without a harness on. I don’t condone this at all. Pebble is one in a million and I am lucky to have found her.

    18 replies to "Morning coffee with Pebble"

    • Tom Thomas

      you talk to the bird with lip noises like I talk to my cat.

    • bill

      Pebbles said, “COVFEFE” ???

    • Private Jimmy

      She laughs like my ex..thats a trip

    • Gretchen Ann Gardner

      Hi Pebble and Pops
      Happy she's finally found her other (naughty) half?

    • Martha Carrigan

      Such a sweet side of Pebble- she really is a very special girl & a very lucky girl to have found you!!

    • Moni

      Here you go, Pebbles. ☕ You can sip with me. ?

    • Rex Luminus

      Just adorable little bird.Those little chukles. Hahaha.***


      You have to do longer videos, moments like this are worth it…

    • xrcrx ftfghjg

      what a lovie girl

    • Mirette R

      Sweet birdie !!

    • Jen Jen

      I just heard a story on the news this morning a (Im really not good w birds but the beautiful grey guy) was in a home where the wife n husband were killed. Turns out the wife killed the husband n got caught by the bird reenacting of the whole crime scene

    • TARS, CASE, & JuJu

      Pebble created a new sound, a barking dog that laughs in middle as well.

    • becky Sawyer

      Pebbles should meet gotchu

    • Dany Dubourg

      Elle s'amuse bien….

    • Stand tall Walk Free

      YouTube stand tall walk free

    • DaddySpyce

      Hi Kelly and Pebble! My fiance' Carole and myself, Bob love you guys! We are bird people too but don't have any birds now. We're just getting too old. We love the trust and love you two have. Take care!

    • Mohammed Kortam

      did she just cough?

    • HairSchool Girl

      I love Pebbles ❣❣❣❣What's going on Pebbles? Pretty Girl❣❣❣

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