Mozart Gone Wild Talking

    19 replies to "Mozart The Talking Macaw Parrot"

    • Derek Belden

      So beautiful. I want one! But I know it takes a lot

    • Scott Duncan

      Hansom duck!

    • Ťhaķôŕ RANJIT

      तोते किंमत कितनी होती है

    • AlphaNovember

      I didn't know you looked like that, Mozart.
      I've always seen you as a normal musician playing piano mostly.

    • Alexus shaw

      Its just like teaching a baby ? so sweet

    • samerr111

      ?Half life 3 conformed

    • Alex Johnston

      "one, two, three :)"
      "S C R A A C"

    • BlackWithEvil

      How old is he

    • Arshad Ali

      very beautiful voice

    • April Taylor

      thank u for answering me

    • April Taylor

      has he ever bite u

    • April Taylor

      hes beautiful

    • mrusername09

      I've been watching this video too many times a day. I need help lol

    • Kris Whalen


    • Lynn Oldfield

      Mozart you are absolutely stunning! ? ? ?

    • Debora Richard

      tks so much . i will

    • Debora Richard

      my parrot is about 10 months ..and he says only hello .is this a problem?

    • FriadyThe13thFan J

      Awwww cute i have always wanted a PARROT.

    • Aws AmER

      how old the blue and gold start talking?

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