My African Grey parrot throws and fit and tells me no, when I try to fill a bowl of water!
For some reason, she hates this bowl and only does it to this specific bowl!
What a funny bird Lucky is 🙂

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    • Wizard298

      Ya, she is highly inteligent even for a grey. The other night i was trying
      to finish cleaning up the kitchen and lucky called me by name and i said
      what you need and she whistled come here and i said u ready for bed? I said
      ok wait one min. Few mins go by and shevyelled at me and said bad! I had to
      laugh and said ok! Lets go to bed! She tells me when its time to go to bed.
      She fly’s around but she is lazy sometimes she wants me to take her in my

    • Chukey

      I remember my pet african grey. Her name was Eva. I got where when I was 10
      years old. She passed away when she was 10 and I was 20. I know their
      lifespan is up to 60 years but I couldn’t help turning her in to a
      delicious roast. There was very little meat on her but I managed to get a
      good amount of breast meat in my stew. I never knew parrot tasted so good!

    • MickyMoz

      I think she was just playing one of her games and maybe thinking about
      taking a shower myself. Only one time did i see my Senegal have a tantrum
      and it really was the bird version of a child not used to hearing the word
      “No” to often. He couldn’t drag some toy to the top of his cage. It was
      about 3x heavier than him and bigger. He screached his lungs out and
      stormed around looking so frustrated. Lasted 10 seconds maybe.
      When he does drag a toy to the top perch guess what he does to it ?
      He throws it back down again.

    • CeltycSparrow

      what a beautiful bird. She was sure adamant that she didnt want water in
      that bowl. lol

    • mackat4ck

      Just like a two year old…

    • Peter Man

      Can the parrot smell that there is some nasty chemical in the plastic of
      the bowl that you shouldn’t drink?

    • Susan Robitaille

      What a sweetie! Looks like she wanted to create a little waterpark fun.

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    • Matt Glicc

      yeah not angry at all she’s just smart resourceful and opportunistic

    • silvertears18

      I love how when he can’t stop you from putting the water in the bowl he
      just attacks the sing to try to get the water to stop coming out. So cute.

    • Marcello Bonanova

      Smart bird! Great bird!

    • Kaiden Straka


    • Neobaneo

      Lol I love how parrots have so much personality

    • Katie Parker

      Why isnt this more popular? XD

    • Tj Nguyen

      African Grey(s) are extremely smart. Mine is. When he says hot water, he
      really meant that. I tested him by gave him cool water, he test by (little
      bit) deep his beak to it, and he angrily used his beak to threw off the
      bowl of cool water a way, made splashed on my floor, then he yelled Hot
      waterrr, hot waterrrr okkkk (many of my friends and relatives have seen
      that).. I told them and re-performed.

      Same thing came over again and again every time I didn’t do what he asked
      for.. ONLY different is I learned to Hold the bowl tighter… he can’t
      throw it and he threw his tantrum on by acting pretty funny and mad (not
      nice to do that all the time to him though LOL )

      Every time I packed my stuffs, ready to leave he started: “Let’s go Ok –
      Let’s go”

      Once we, me and my ex were argued…. (this is hilarious) He (the bird)
      was listened for a while… until: ” Oh my Gosh, too noisy Ok”
      hahahahahahaha I swear my heart on this. We, both, were stunt and
      laughed, done arguing.. LOL.

      It came from me, probably (I guess). I used to tell the kids or even adult
      (in home parties the same sentence while the kids made too much noise

      African UNDERSTAND their words and they inserting them (meaning) to
      situation(s) they are in. (People, who called “bird brain” with meaning to
      insult someone else SHOULD own an African Grey, seriously).

    • LuvThoseLadies

      SO FUNNY – AND TYPICAL! LOL African Greys are CLOWNS! They seem to really
      enjoy messing with their humans, or doing things to the contrary! Thanks so
      much for this share! My Grey (or Clown!) loves to turn over his bowl of
      mixed fruit or vegetables after eating a few! lol

    • lonerider92

      00:19 to 00:20 did she say “Bite me” or “fight me”?

    • Tracy Huberdeau


    • Kiara

      Kids spoil everything

    • sierra nelson

      Around at 0:30 did anybody else hear him barking? Your bird is too cute!

    • Alexus Howell

      thats sooo cute and funny birds are funny 🙂 and why dose she hate that one

    • Lucky Noble

      did anyone else hear it say “Quit”?

    • takernumber1fan4ever

      Bright bird

    • Serena Woodall

      wow, funny!


      I heard it say “Quit”! LOL Awesome bird and you are a wonderful owner.

    • jo march

      “NO!” no means no xD

    • babyjayy29

      I have there funny and cute and also your awsome

    • Clever Crow

      So cute :3

    • parrotplayhouse

      So cute!!

    • marie gordons

      I have a pair of 18 weeks old African gray parrot for adoption, they are
      semi tamed but giving them the time you can teach them to be the best
      because they are young, have perfect feathers, comes with their certificate
      of DNA and also near a ring around their feet
      text 514-416-8158 if you or email if you think
      you are fit to adopt the babies

    • Azazel Acheron

      African greys are sadists. i know someone who had one, and a pack of
      pugs. Whenever it got bored, it would mimic the doorbell, phone, and any
      other appliance that made noise. Drove the pugs crazy…

    • boubouleverte

      So cute!

    • LJ , NATION

      LOL this is seriously too funny

    • 54capullo

      Soo cute!!!!!!!!!!

    • Alewolf01

      I remember those bowls with the straw built into it.

    • 97DarkPhoenix

      this is adorable

    • Omega Paradigm 86

      Nice video! Hate people are giving you grief over nothing. Sure I argue
      with illogical people on here sometimes…It’s hard to stop yourself from
      posting a rebuttal to someone’s moronic rhetoric get
      so fired up about the dumbest shit..

    • ShadowRaptor1O1

      I like the part where she said “I want water in there”.

    • AngelicaSpyro

      Your parrot is an ass.

    • Bargoff Brattish

      It seems to me that your parrot wants to take a shower, and the bowl is in
      his way. Don’t you think? My parrot acts the same way when he wants
      something from me. It could be to go out to the patio, or to open the door
      of the bathroom to destroy some toilette paper, but definitely wants to
      tell me something.

    • Sharein El-Tourky

      mine too!

    • snakefollower

      i noticed the bowl was a similar colour to your bird’s feathers at the
      back, is it that or is it like already said about red being a warning
      collour? Woud the same happen if the bowl was a different colour? Or does
      your bird just like to have fun with objects in general?

    • VCthaGOATdunker

      He says “no” at 0:29 he really didnt want water in the bowl. incredible.

    • Nico Ene

      You do realize that 20% of the population is using 80% of the resources,
      right? Guess where is the problem and who didn’t take care of their nature?!

    • Jesse Hedrick

      bird gonna tear your ass up!!! lol

    • ipk4du

      “You all will die of thirst, vermin.”

    • Nico Ene

      O.O Right.

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