My cockatoo “Joseph” talking to granny????????????????????????❤️❤️❤️

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    • First Impressions D.O.O

      If you remove your intro you would have more viewers, it is very annoying..

    • Debby Custis

      Hi Joseph I just found you today. You are now on my list along with Max &Gotcha. You are very precious ????????????

    • Neta Tim

      Such a beautiful nice and good mommy josef have! amazing

    • Regiane Scarpati

      Que bunitim ele tentando pegar com o pé, hehehehe

    • Anita Beauty

      Hello granny????

    • Veronice Ferraro

      I can't go to bed without watching Joseph, he's lovely and makes me feel good! ♥ Talkative, tonight! I bet he was telling mom he was very happy about granny's call, hahah Kiss kiss, see you tomorrow! 😉

    • Judy Eason

      Awww Joseph! Granny called you. Kisses to Granny! Too adorable.

    • Angels Haven


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