Joseph was seeing his video on YouTube and talking to mommy

    8 replies to "My cockatoo Joseph talking to mommy and playing❤️❤️❤️"

    • Tamay Ural

      love and good wishes to Joseph and his humans..

    • Marianne Herrmann

      Soo funny : MUST be TWO toys……… oh, you pretty crazy boy!

    • Lea Sears

      Joseph is so funny ! 🙂

    • Jenny Fernandes

      cutie pie????????

    • Marie Santos

      Cute joseph

    • Kitty Vaughn

      "Where did Mommy go? I want to give her my stocking."

    • Pat Marcoux

      Hi daddy and my good boy Joseph!!

    • Karen R

      He sees and hears Mommy, but can't get her attention.????

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