My cockatoo talking & explaining something ❤️❤️❤️????????????????

    7 replies to "My cockatoo talking & explaining something ❤️❤️❤️????????????????"

    • Madasa Hatter

      Hmmmm — are you two expecting?

    • Madasa Hatter

      Sounds at the beginning like Joseph is saying Quiet! Quiet! Quiet!

    • Karen Lynne

      So cute, Joseph having intense explanations in his adorable language!! ❤️❤️(I'm busy trying to catch up on all the lovely Joseph and rescue bird vids throughout the day ????!!) ????????????????????

    • Kellie Zachary

      I understand ????°????

    • klique73

      i think Joseph is saying, "quiet, quiet, quiet". Then he goes,"hi". Joseph is ????

    • India Belgrave

      that's cute .????????????????????

    • India Belgrave

      first to like

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