Please let me know if you understand what Joseph saying.?

    19 replies to "My Cockatoo Talking So Cute :D"

    • Chewbacca

      Boy oh boy Joseph, you are animated tonight!! So much talking he has alot to say. Love Joseph's personality, so cute! Kisses??

    • Mary Pelton

      Was Joseph going poo or going to take a shower

    • fatima rashid

      Hi sal joseph es hope u all well good boy joseph big hugs takecare xxxx

    • Eliza Stoner Eliza

      He is a good boy

    • Annie Weller

      Joseph relax sweetheart

    • Shereen Hany

      Joseph my love .. u're adorable .. i'm a big fan ????

    • lavrose

      How great, Es! Aww so great.

    • lavrose

      Joseph: "I like a ????" It didn't sound like good boy this time.

    • lavrose

      Sensational result-the "united front," Sal and Es.

    • Jake Adler

      Es, Sal, just a quick bit of advice – when a bird wants to fly, they usually lighten themselves first (i.e. go for a poop). When you ask Joseph to fly to his cage to take a poop, that is a complete reversal of what his instincts would naturally be, which might be why he is reluctant to fly to his cage to poop!

    • lavrose

      God love him….so entertaining! But not all that fun for Sal.

    • Anjali Rajadhyaksha


    • saima naz

      Mom I am a good boy????

    • kavita mudhoo

      Mommy u listen to me . I am Joseph the good boy ?❤?❤

    • Ruth Christen

      Joseph you are really good Boy, i like when you speak, but you must listen what Mommy tell you. You are a good Boy….

    • Vivian Espinosa

      Hello Joseph good boy sweet Joseph

    • Sharon Cox

      Joseph is so animated tonight! He loves mommy and daddy and was saying that he is happy to have such good parents…so patient and attentive. God bless your family and have a great day! Love you guys:)

    • Peggy Sparkman

      He's telling you ! Lol, he still is the cutest bird on U-Tube!!!?

    • Jennica Rodriguez

      Hi good boy here in Sydney good morning good Night over there N Canada ?? Sweet Dream ?? you are little bit Stubborn You know ThaT But In other way you are soCute ?? ??????

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