Sterling is a very affectionate sweetheart :’) I don’t really know why I never posted a video of him, I guess people would think a typical african grey parrot video would be boring? lol

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    • Rabbitdog AJ

      I have a cocketeil (Idk how to spell it) named Cheif, hes superrrr annoying

    • TheStarwars38

      Why can’t I have the moneysssss !!?!?!?

    • AshleyLovesAnimals

      He’s adorable! I love birdies 

    • Brian Tsang

      African Greys are so beautiful; I’d definitely go for one of those if I
      were to get a parrot

    • Vladimir B.

      How old was he there, seems to be still a chick … ?

    • Sara Alhashemi

      :O I have the same parrot. But shes annoying!!!
      You ssoo lucky!!!

    • GemGems3

      He looks like a baby, how old is he? :)

    • Animalovr1

      Aww one another video after this she had to give him away :(

    • kiwi lol

      i have one and he is the loudest bird in the universe. 

    • Amberly Ashes

      You’re obviously very experienced with your animals and everything but I
      just can’t imagine how you can take care of all of them with work and
      school! I would be absolutely overwhelmed! I’m not bashing at all, I think
      that’s VERY impressive and you must be quite a responsible person. How do
      you do it?

    • April Rios

      How did you get your parrot to be nice and cuddle with you?

    • SnazzyNikki .
    • Garrett Smith

      also he is adorable

    • Dalal Jamal

      I had a parrot like that but he died because of an infarction

    • parrot461

      From my expirence probably not much. Birds seem to have a very deep
      personality espically if they lose someone who was in the same living area
      tbey can become completely diffrent eg. Untamed agressive. It happend to me
      sadly. Birds arent meccsarily hard to tame just a bit of paitence. Always
      easier with babies and if your looking for budget. Budgies are the way to
      go and they are pretty to. Just a bit of my advice for anyone who reads. I
      may be wrong so dont take me 100%

    • Brittney Schell

      Wow he’s so beautiful and cute

    • Garrett Smith

      I think you should make your videos where you show all animals

    • NimbusDX

      Goodness! How do you have the time and money to care for so many animals?
      They all seem pretty healthy though, so I guess that’s good.

    • Alex Rose

      He is really pretty!!

    • InuKishhuVampire

      lovely! :D

    • kiana conran

      I have and African grey to <3

    • Maximilien Bonstin

      You are the luckiest person ever. I can’t even handle this, omfg…

    • Songs4Fallen

      I want a bird SO BAD, I have always wanted a parrot, and seeing more videos
      of them just makes me want one even more >w< I cant even take it I need money lol


      You must spend a lot of money taking care of your pets. I would never be
      able to do this, I don’t even have enough money to take care of my two
      guinea pigs!

    • Bella Miller

      My friend has an African Grey, who is not very nice 🙁 yours is so sweet
      and docile :)!!

    • Nicholas Palmer

      make a vid of all your birds

    • Puglover7676

      I never seen a parrot be so sweet and nice :)

    • Ashely Truong

      My friend has one he is really nice

    • Gracii DaHeck

      If I had an African Grey Parrot female I’d name her Athena :D

    • Rock Bass

      Is she soft

    • Harmony Elyse

      Aww I wish my African Grey was Social. We made the mistake of getting one
      that had a traumatic childhood. Other bird bit off his toes. Now he sits in
      his cage and makes a mess and we cant touch him.


      Can you do a video just about diffrent birds and there care 🙂 It would be
      very helpful for me :)

    • cheche berberena

      is it a Timneh or a Congo? i had a congo 

    • Ally Fayard

      can you make an updated video on all of your pets please? I love your


      Sooo pretty 🙂 I plan on geting one once I get my own place :)

    • Caitlin Rogers

      Hi Nikki I was just saying mmy frined ellie has one of those birds and why
      does he have a ring around his umm foot? 🙂 just saying not trying to be

    • HourGlass Ryan

      Do a pet update

    • Om Nom Nom Nom

      Such a lovely docile parrot :)

    • Kiwi Azureus

      That is such a wonderful sound! Beautiful bird :)

    • JoeFrohlich

      I enjoy your reptile, mammal and bird videos. Your African Grey is very
      well behaved. I think it would be great if you did a video on Red Bellied
      Parrots in the future.

      I know that some reptiles are aggressive. That is just their nature. It
      is not your fault. 

    • Emily Eid

      awww he is cute

    • ssamorgan2044

      is the bird wing clipped ?

    • Paulithink

      He seems very dear and gentle. Greys are my favorite next to parrotlets 🙂

    • Carrie Elizabeth

      My stepdad wanted one of those. Instead we got an eclectus parrot. They are
      really sweet except mine doesn’t like anybody but my stepdad haha but she

    • SnazzyNikki .

      The eclectus is my ultimate favorite 🙂 but i’m saving it for when i move
      to the US

    • Manda Booker

      Aww! He is too cute! 🙂

    • Damian martin

      Check out my parrot poppy

    • Alexis Brewer

      cute bird!!! yeah i heard these are really smart birds. and can be tamed to
      do amaxing things.

    • D-Daenerys

      Luv Him!! xoxo

    • georgia weymouth

      Can you do a video showing all your birds and there set ups (Cages).

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